The Islamic Apartheid that created a myth on Israel

The Islamic Apartheid that created a myth on Israel

The very APARTHEID bastion of the world, otherwise known as the ‘Islamic world’, or the totalitarian dictatorships inc. where no one is ever equal there, not women, not one class to the other, not one minority has any decent rights, but persecuted in the regular Arab racism’s supremacy & Islamic apartheid, or Islamo fascism.

In order to divert attention from the real criminals of apartheid in this world [or to disperse their populations’ resentment of the oppressive regimes, after all, what else can can so ‘unify’ that intolerant culture than common hatred?], and much much worse then that [to say the least], they, in their collective hatred & Apartheid motivation against the ‘non Arab’ the ‘non Muslim’ entity AKA Israel, to deny it’s right to exist, have come up with a myth about “apartheid in Israel”, what it actually means is that if democratic & free Israel dares to defend it’s self from a Racist Arab terrorist it is doomed to be branded as an “apartheid” system.

The sad part is of course that some have been bought by Arab oil money like Jimmy Carter, but the world should not let the magic sand cover the Arabian monsters including those “freedom fighters” fascists in Gaza that oppress Christians or those “moderate” ‘Palestinians’ that try to ethnic cleanse all Jews from the land, and so far there’s not one Jewish family under “moderate” fascist ‘palestine’.


Israeli Policy Not ‘Apartheid’ (Chicago Tribune) The use of the incendiary and sensationalist term “apartheid” is not only misplaced but negates the real security concerns Israel faces after scores of …

The Apartheid Propaganda Aug 29, 2004 … The ficticious Arab/Muslim claim that Israel is an “apartheid state” is … not only Jews but all other “tolerated” non-Muslims ever since. …

Israel Is Not An Apartheid StateIsrael Is Not An Apartheid State. Even before the State of Israel was established, Jewish leaders consciously sought to avoid the situation that prevailed …
The poisonous myth of ‘Israeli apartheid’ – Arabs and Muslims in IsraelIsraeli Arabs and Muslims have the right to vote and to hold public office, …. and other Western companies in enforcing sexual apartheid in Saudi Arabia. …

Have the “Arab Palestinian” Knesset members turned racist? … Are they “Palestinian Citizens” or “Citizens of the State of Israel”?… they want “Palestine” to be a Judenrein (Jew-free) Arab-only state. …

Phyllis Chesler on The New Anti-Semitism … The Arab Islamic Middle East is almost entirely judenrein (free of … The propagandists go further, calling Israel the apartheid state. …

Israel NOT “apartheid”

JCPA About JCPA-Deconstructing Apartheid Accusations Against Israel The accusation that Israel is an apartheid state is an insidious tool in the hands of …. Shimoni analyzes the Israel-apartheid equation in more detail.

Digg – “Muslims only” highway: Islamic apartheid in action“Muslims only” highway: Islamic apartheid in action … I point out very simply that Israel is not an apartheid state,…

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