[Hamastan] Al-Qaida Finds Another Home In Gaza – [Video]

[Hamastan] Al-Qaida Finds Another Home In Gaza – [Video]

November 11, 2007

Target: Israel

In Gaza, there is a terror group that embraces the name, Al-Qaida of Palestine. The video produced by the group, which CBN News obtained, uses as a recruiting device for the youths in Gaza.

Members can be seen chanting, conducting martial arts demonstrations, engaging in tests of agility, and singing an Islamic song declaring their journey of jihad.

“We are on the way to the target!” one member shouted. And just what would the group’s primary target be? Israel.

The video comes from Beit Hanoun, a city on the northeastern edge of the Gaza Strip. The region is a breeding ground for terrorists, including Al-Qaeda of Palestine.

The group’s theology comes from Saudi Arabia. Its stated goal is to kill Jews and Christians.

“We are a Salafist Jihadist group following in the prophet’s steps,” said Abu Khefes al Magdesse, the group’s prince, or ’emir.’

Salafism is a stream of fundamentalism within the Sunni branch of Islam, with strong roots in Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden is the most famous adherent.

Brothers in Jihad

Al Magdesse explained why they are known as Al-Qaeda of Palestine.

“We and al-Qaeda are brothers in Jihad. We adopt the same belief and conduct, and we seek the same goal,” he said.

The group introduces itself as the “Army of the Nation,” and specifies its enemy saying, “Sons of Zion and the Americans, Jews, and crusaders are our only enemy. And our goal is to see that Islam is dominating the earth.”

The video also shows the group reciting their vow.

“Your goal is Allah, your constitution is the Koran, your way is al-jihad, your best wish is to die in Allah’s way and to kill for Allah’s sake,” they said.

Many terror groups chant similar creeds, but the difference with army of the nation fighters is that they speak not only of dying for Allah, but of killing for him.

Its members consider themselves part of the global jihad.

“Thanks to Allah for honoring his jihadists in Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya and Afghanistan,” Al Maqdesse said.

Al-Qaeda has already carried out terror attacks in neighboring Egypt and Jordan.The brutality of its killing forces in Iraq has prompted fellow Sunnis there to accept the help of America’s military.

Al-Qaeda of Palestine may not have a hotline to Osama bin Laden, but their faith stirs them to adopt his deadly tactics here on Israel’s doorstep.11/11/07

Salaam Eid and John Waage

CBN News



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