Arab racism & Bush’s admin. pro Arab-“Palestinian” foreign policy

Arab racism & Bush’s admin. pro Arab-“Palestinian” foreign policy
The same Arab racism & Islamic bigotry that can’t get itself to accept Jews’ existance in the middle east, is the same Arab racism that has posted a personal racist anti-black cartoon in “Palestinian” Arab official media.
So now [June, 2008] Condoleeza Rice is buying ‘Pallywood’ that expanding Jewish neighborhoods are “obstacles”?
Maybe one should ask the admin. to start being really balanced in the middle east, and denounce as strongly any Arab “settlements” in E. Jerusalem?
Does anyone in this Bush admin. really believe that we’ll buy one Arab’s love for uttering such anti-Israel nonsense statements?
Name one Arab nation that became more “friendly” to the US, since Bush’s pro ‘Palestinian’ policy, his powerful push to give the Arabs [who are mostly grandchildren of immigrants that started to call themselves as] “Palestinians” [in the 1960’s] something they never had in history, a state.
‘Black spinster’ label pinned on Condi Rice Palestinian media use racist terms including ‘colored dark skin lady’ … A cartoon last week in the PA controlled Al Quds depicted Rice pregnant with a …
Black Activists Condemn Racist Rice Cartoons in Palestinian Press
CULTURE OF HATE–JIHAD RACISM ACROSS THE WORLD Culture of Hate A racism which denies the history and sufferings of its victims. … of the Jews in their ancestral homeland is interpreted as racism, …
Arab racism consists of calling the Land of Israel, Arab land, whereas no Palestinian province, village, or town, including Jerusalem is mentioned either in the Koran or in any Arabic text before the end of the ninth century. On the contrary, these locations are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, which represents the religious and historical heritage of the Jewish people. The Bible, which tells the history of this country, tells it in Hebrew, the language of the country, and not in Arabic. Palestinian racism consists of asserting that the whole history of Israel, biblical history, is Arab, Islamic, and Palestinian history. The kings and prophets of Israel were Arab, Palestinian, and Muslim kings and prophets, as were Jesus, his family, and the apostles. This Arabization and Islamization of the Bible thus robs not only the Jews but also the whole of Christianity of their history. New theologies of substitution are developed, transferring Israel’s heritage to Arab and Muslim Palestine.
The role of bigotry in the Israel Arab conflict
Arab racism must go!,7340,L-3478505,00.html
palestinian anti-semitism and racism.
Israel has Arab judges, diplomats, and Members of the Knesset. Arabic is an official language of the state and 20% of the student body of Hebrew University is Arab. Full and equal status. Jews however still cannot get a visa to most Arab Muslim countries because of their religion. And in those Arab lands with remaining Jewish populations, Jews live under a secondary legal status called “dhimmitude”. So exactly who is practicing apartheid Ms. Nastovski? And where is your moral voice on Arab racism?

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