News Flash: There’s ‘also’ RACISM in (pro) TERRORISM

News Flash: There’s ‘also’ RACISM in (pro) TERRORISM

News Flash: There’s also RACISM in TERRORISM, and siding, apologizing, ‘justifying’ terrorism is RACISM!
Isn’t it amazing how racists cry ‘racism’ all the time? The very Arabists who find the most Pallywood-y language on how to coat their criminal rationalization for targeting (Israeli or other) Jews for Arab Muslim terrorists’ mass murder.

If there’s not yet, any real clarity in most media that the Arabist – Islamist view, of viewing an entire [men, women, children] race or an entire religion as “legitimate” targets, as nothing but racism and Islamic bigotry, than what is racism?


That includes not only the bigoted leadership in the Arab Muslim world but even the Arab treacherous ‘establishment’, officials, media journalists, local religious and political leaders, inside Israel, that seek to murder, or cause murder on “fellow” Israeli citizens  with one sole “reason” for belonging to a certain race, origin.
[July, 2008] the terrorist attack in Jerusalem in which a Palestinian construction worker suddenly turned the bulldozer he was driving into traffic, crushing everything (and everyone) in its path.
The attack took place on one of Jerusalem’s busiest streets.
… the construction worker was an Israeli-Arab who worked for an Israeli Arab. “He took the bulldozer, with which he fed his own wife and family, and used it to crush other families to death, simply for being Israeli Jews.”
[Arab racism against Jews even inside Israel] Fear of calling a terrorist a terrorist Ha’aretz, Israel – Jul 7, 2008 If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I’d like to know what is.
Islamic Movement head charged with incitement to racism, violence …Jan 30, 2008 
5 Israeli Arabs Are Charged With Aiding Hamas … Mr. Mahzomah, an Israeli Arab who was convicted of terrorism in Israel, was sent to Lebanon in a prisoner …
Growing Threat from Homegrown Israeli Arab Terrorism – Defense …Jul 13, 2008 … ( It was cleared for publication Sunday morning that four Israeli Arabs were arrested more than a month ago on charges of …

[May 2007] (Another Israeli Arab leader charged) Azmi Bishara, the Arab member of the Israeli Knesset who is about to be charged with espionage and treason for aiding Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon War …

Israel News – Three Israeli Arabs Planning To Kidnap & Murder …Jun 2, 2008 … Three Israeli Arabs from Lod were arrested by the Shin Bet and Israel … will be charged with conspiring to commit a crime and aiding the enemy…
2003 Terrorism Review The involvement of Israeli Arabs in terrorist attacks included: … the Green Line and had also received financial aid from a Lebanese Hizballah terrorist. …
Police: We exposed (ARAB) al-Qaida cell  (in Israel) | Jerusalem Post Jul 9, 2008 … them of membership in a terrorist organization, aiding the enemy … This is not the first time that Israeli-Arabs have been charged …

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