Obama’s De-Jihadization in our war on ISLAMIC Terrorism at the expense of our safety & security

Obama’s De-Jihadization in our war on ISLAMIC Terrorism at the expense of our safety & security

Tefillin Device Forced Jet to be Spiritually Grounded http://www.jewlicious.com/2010/01/tefillin-device-forced-jet-to-be-spiritually-grounded/

Jewish teen’s tefillin sets off bomb scare that diverts US Airways flight
from LaGuardia Airport http://www.rabbichalom.com/?p=284

The above case has to do first with ignorance, because real knowledgeable
Christians know all too well about the Biblical command of Tefilin – what the
English translation in the Christian Bible calls “phylacteries”, though only
members of the Jewish faith continue this tradition for around… 3,000*
But the ignorance is so out loud, because you’d expect that among the
entire airline staff and the STA, and later on the FBI agents, someone would
know what this [Jewish] “thing” is and if anything, it is the exact opposite of
terrorism, violence, Islamism & Jihadism…
But the larger problem is, one can’t dismiss & say it has nothing to do
with the Obama (& his Mrs. Napolitano) “guidance” to the anti terror agents,
this whole de-Jihadization of anti-Jihad doesn’t and won’t “work”.
The point is, if you lose sight on the real target, which is Islamists who try to conquer the world & use every “conflict” and security soft spots to be “recruited” in their Jihad war tools… then what you get is so many false alarms, false scares and ultimately [here come the real danger] desensitizing the agents when their senses are really needed, such as when radical Muslims try an old or come up with a new trick.
There´s such a thing in security which is not being alert… or not being alert enough when getting tired and distracted by these cases.
Don’t get me wrong, two things are very certain, you can never be sure/assured that you’ll 100% prevent an attack, and you’ll always have SOME false alarms, albeit not so on a frequent basis.
Then again, since we have a president that his delusional PR (or PC) in the
Arab Muslim world over rules Americans’ safety, this is what you get.
What Obama & Co. have to realize is that he has no ‘right’ (double meaning) in compromising security for HIS politics

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