Mr. Obama! Too little too late!

Mr. Obama, Too little too late!

If you saw (today, July-6-2010) Obama forcing himself to say that he is in good terms (I say “he,” as the US always is in that ‘special bond’, it's HE who has a problem) with Israel (albeit not these words exactly).

As if he doesn't know that people pick-up body language.

Compare his meeting w/ Netanyahu with his meeting with Arab leaders, oh boy, that's where he feels right at home, in fact, one of the most comfortable pictures of him, were exactly those, not so much being with his American countrymen, in one he even "annulled" himself entirely and bringing down US honor with it (bow to the Arab "king"). It says almost everything, WHERE a US president feels "at home." So now, at his low points when his popularity are "dangerously" scarce he's putting up a show?
Well, Mr. Obama, we won't forget that easy…

  • How you treated Mr. Netanyahu a few months ago, leaving him to dry in the sun because YOUR personal ego was offended at your Byden mission.
  • What on earth is your problem with houses in Jerusalem, since when was that historic Jewish capital the Arabs'? As if the M.E. depends on housing projects to Jewish returnees and not by arming, violence, hate-cult by Islamo-Arabs…
  • Your overall pro-Arabist approach, where your criticism of Palestinian-Arabs are only done after criticizing Israel as a fake balancing show.
  • Nor would we forget how you tried to spin the reporter asking you about your prejudgment 'blame Israel first'? at your "spontaneous" reaction after the Jihadi-Flotilla was interfered by the Israelis.
  • Above all, your most dangerous approach vis-a-vis Iran.

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