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The Racism of Branding Israel’s Security Measures – “racist”

October 31, 2010

The Racism of branding Israel security measures as “racist”

October, 2010

  • Countries – naturally – have the obligatory item: pledge of allegiance and loyalty to the state, before being naturalized, but when Israel demands it, its branded “racist.”

  • When Palestinian Arab TV teaches chidren to kill Jews aho are referred to (in accordance with Jihadi iedeology) as non-humans, as apes and pigs, there’s not one major article in the mainstream media carrying the story (of incitement) which is so fundamental in the “conflict.” Yet, When there’s one questionable case of one extremist loner in a settlement mistreating an Arab after his relative has been hurt by Arab terror… a virtual uproar emerges with speed and all settlers are demonized, again.

  • When countries implement security measures such as checkpoints in airports etc., it’s taken as understandable, when Israel (one of the highest target/victim of Islamic radicals” butchery) does it (in the dangerous militant Arab areas) it’s named “apartheid, racist.”

  • When any other nation investigates suspects of terror, it’s defined as safety measures, when Israel does it, it’s shoved at as conducting “racist policies.”

  • When the Arab-Islamic bigoted world – overwhelmingly – can’t seem to “give” Israel the right to exist, no one utters a word, but when someone out of a tiny minority of Israelis object to one more Arab state (“Palestine,” on top of the – already- existing 22 Arab nations) he or she is – immediately and without real explanation – branded as fascist/racist.

  • When Saudi Arabia or Mexico, or any other nation builds a security fence at the border, no one even thinks of condemning it, but when victim Israel erects such a fence which indeed helped to prevent massacres by Arabs, it’s demonized as “apartheid” (Without realizing that it’s sheer propaganda: using so conveniently the visual image of ‘separation’ within a wall, easier to define it as such than as a shield for what it really is. That’s what propaganda is all about, not facts).

  • When 90% of the Middle East (in a 2009 PEW) poll show overwhelimgly anti-Jewish intolerance, there’s not one UN meeting dedicated to such a ‘Goliath’ problem, nor is there any resolution on the cancer of Anti Semitism in the Arab world that includes demonization of Jews in cartoons in slogans, on TV.

    Yet, Islamofascists such Ahmadinejad is, ironically, given a forum on racism. So dopes the UN grant the podium for the racist Arab Lybian regime that treats its 2,000,000 blacks as animals.

  • When Arabs target Jews, because they are Jews, whether inside Israel or outside, including by members of the official ‘moderate’ Fatah PA regime (such as the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade), they are called: freedom fighters or “radicals” at best, never will you hear condemn the racism of anti-Jewish violence. When Israel conducts anti-terror measures and humanely notifies Arabs of a certain area to evacuate in order to minimize casualties, the UN has no more urgent matter (neither the Arab racist genocide in Sudan, nor the international ‘weekly’ massacres by Islamists, nor world hunger has the power to ‘move’ the UN), than to bow to the [well oil-ed] dictating Arab lobby pressure and condemn the ‘Zionist aggression.’ When the entire Middle East is saturated with bigotry against all minorities (real apartheid) and most are even “Judenrein” Jew-free – ethnic cleansed, including Arab-Palestine), no one objects and it’s viewed as “their culture,” thing. The Arab-Islamic lobby’s controlled Amnesty is silent. But when Israel gives equality and full rights for its Arab minority but dares to build housing for Jews in their historic (already shrunk) homeland, its called “judaising” the area (by the Arabs, which in and of itself is an Arab-racist idea) and an/the obstacle to peace.

Now, I couldn’t care less if this twisted ideology is by the racist Arab world, which already in the 1970’s initiated branding Israel as racist, or it is by the disloyal destructive Arab leadership inside Israel inciting its population against Jews, or by those copycats on the fringe radical left who fail to see the real picture (and often fused with misconceptions such as the “brown people” must be the victim and are certainly the “natives,” without realizing that most Israelis are actually “brown” middle easterners, or the historic factual massive Arab immigartion into Palestine 1880-1948), the fact of the matter is that treating Israel like this, in a bigoted matter is racism, intolerance well hidden beneath a cloth of “worry” for Arab-Palestinians.

Such simmering bigotry is at times exposed, such are the outburts at [ISM “Interantional Soldarity Mission” and other] “activism” for Palestine when the shouts of traditionally Islamic anti-Jewish genocide campaign: ‘Itbach Al Yahud’ are heard in the background of “innocent anti-occupation” protests.