Islamic Palestine: ‘Dead Arab child’ photo, the most worshiped idol, after Allah

Islamic Palestine: ‘Dead Arab child’ photo, the most worshiped idol, after Allah

Asalaamu Alaikum, this is “oppressed” Palestine, did you get our latest (freshly pressed) ‘dead Arab child’ photo?

During the 2006 Gaza war, al-Jazeera cameras were hooked fixed 24/7 at one place, the Gaza hospital. Not at the Arab-Islamic hideouts in civilian areas where they fire their missiles directly on to Israeli residential homes, schools. Not one mosque of the official Gaza leadership’s Hamas “gunmen” was seen. Nor families’ backyards. The most populated areas, all preferable ‘launchpads’ holding -basically- their entire population, as hostage.
Objective, clear again, to shock the Arab/Muslim youth, to indoctrinate, to poison, to ‘vitalize’ the sick victimhood, especially when it comes to their racist war on the Jews.

Why is it so important, so religious-like, for the Arab-Islamic leadership (religious and political) to ‘provide’ these images?

The goal:
Justifying the continuing violence against Jews, polishing efforts to a greater genocide, or at least, for now a complete ethno-religious cleansing of the population that is neither Arab, nor Muslim.

Vilification of Israel. Portraying the Zionists as just ‘after civilians.’ Building up anger in the ‘Arab street.’ Thus, facilitating both, 1.) rationalization of targeting Israeli Jews [even though, in fact, Arabs started it all, without “provocation, since the 1920s. But who cares about history, when you hear so much nonsense of a so-called “indigenous” people by a culture who’s mostly immigrant]. 2.) Recruiting more anti-Jewish murderers.

The most ‘powerful weapon,’ a graphic ‘dead kid’ to show how “bad” Israel is, the psychology is clear, the audience doesn’t think how this happened, when ‘overwhelmed’ by the photo. This is exactly why Arab-Islamic “Palestine” cult invests so much in amassing such images. Tactics on getting such images vary:

1.) Simply fake photo (Like Khulood Badawi’s tweet of March 10, 2012, presenting a 2006 accidental death as a “recent” IDF fault).

2.) Altered photo (Pallywood).

3.) Getting the cameras ready (or have a pro-jihad cameraman) at the dangerous location, as soon as someone isn’t saved by humane Israel evacuating the unarmed before an anti-Terrorists operation…

‘Death’ goes on…

And so the story goes on, from Hezbollah’s crimes against humanity to Hamas, to “moderate” Fatah’s fighters. But if anyone is ever really concerned about ‘dead Arab kids,’ the real ones, one should act, voice, protest Arabs’ devilish tactics upon their population.

Islamists to Zionists: We’ll make sure our kids die, so we can kill yours, easier!

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