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October 19, 2007 Conference Call: Rep. Eric Cantor (R, VA-7) On HR 756, Condemning the Wakf’s Destruction Of The Temple-Mount

Please Stop Destroying Ancient Jewish ArtifactsThis morning’s One Jerusalem conference call was with Eric Cantor (R-VA 7), the Republican Chief Deputy Whip in the House. He’s otherwise known as “one of the people who was rightfully insulted when Dean branded the GOP ‘white, Christian party'” (because apparently no slur is off limits if it’s impossible for you to lose the Jewish vote). The big news today is that Cantor’s introduced a bipartisan bill, HR 756, to condemn the Muslim Wakf’s destruction and desecration of Jewish artifacts – and thus of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage – on the Temple Mount.

Daled Amos (Daled Amos), Avi Green (Tel Chai Nation, Rick Richman (Jewish Current Issues), Anne Lieberman (Boker Tov, Boulder). As usual OJ’s Allen Roth was moderating the call and the audio should be up on the One Jerusalem frontpage within a few hours. This is one you might want to download and listen to all the way through. It was a pretty brisk call, with the Congressman fielding a couple questions that were not exactly softballs (see also: Fatah security assistance, well-known State Department failures; Annapolis conference, jblogosphere attitude towards). Also, if you’ve ever wanted to hear what Anne Lieberman’s dog sounds like, this is your chance. Real cute puppy.

First things first: One Jerusalem petition to keep Israel united. Click. After the jump: a fuller description of the conference call, the bill, and the decades of Arab efforts to physically destroy the Judeo-Christian heritage in Jerusalem.

From Cantor’s brief description – and we’re sure that OJ will compile more on this as the day goes by – the bill he introduced this morning is a bipartisan bill cosponsored with Shelley Berkley of Nevada to condemn the Wakf’s destruction and desecration of the Temple Mount. For years the Wakf Authority – given control over the Temple Mount by Israel as a gesture of peace and trust after 1967 – unblinkingly denied that they were destroying artifacts. Then – as the Congressman noted – priceless ancient Jewish artifacts were found in a landfill where the Wakf had dumped tons and tons of soil removed from the area. After proof of the desecration was published, the Wakf transitioned from “we’re not doing anything wrong” to “we have the right to do what we’re doing.”

That’s why it’s doubtful that a US expression of outrage will have any effect on the Wakf. Judeo-Christian sensibilities are not exactly the kind of thing that he’s inclined to be attentive towards (ergo the destruction in the first place). The Wakf’s campaign is deliberate and it has a very straightforward purpose – to make it impossible for Israel to claim any connection to Jerusalem. And if you think that’s insane, we’d like to welcome you to the wonderland of Middle East peacemaking. No anti-Israel claim is so surreal that it won’t be trotted out and repeated endlessly until it becomes a reasonable point for debate:

The recent statements of Palestinian leaders warning of “grave consequences” of the “provocative” decision by Israel to allow Jews to visit the Temple Mount are only the latest in a history of attempts by Arab leaders to minimize or deny the historical connection between Jews and the Temple Mount. Arab newspapers and speakers consistently refer to Jewish connections to the Temple Mount as “alleged.”

That’s from half a decade ago and it’s got about a dozen of the more prominent quotes from the more visible Palestinian and Arab leaders. The political goal has always quite explicitly been (1) deny the historical connection of Jews to Jerusalem in order to (2) deny Jews physical access to Jerusalem as part of the peace process.

But the purpose of the bill is not really to stop the Wakf – as if anything short of decisive Israeli action to assert some kind of legal control could do that. The purpose of the bill is to call attention to why Israel must retain sovereignty over Jerusalem. Every time an Arab country has been given authority over East Jerusalem they have used it to destroy the Judeo-Christian heritage of the city:

In violation of the 1949 Armistice Agreement, Jordan denied Israelis access to the Temple Wall and to the cemetery on the Mount of Olives, where Jews have been burying their dead for 2,500 years. Jordan actually went further and desecrated Jewish holy places. King Hussein permitted the construction of a road to the Intercontinental Hotel across the Mount of Olives cemetery. Hundreds of Jewish graves were destroyed by a highway that could have easily been built elsewhere. The gravestones, honoring the memory of rabbis and sages, were used by the engineer corps of the Jordanian Arab Legion as pavement and latrines in army camps.

The American public already knows that the Palestinians can’t be trusted. But very few people know the absolute shamelessness with which the Palestinians conduct affairs that would be off limits to anyone except the world’s anointed victims. There was a global outcry when the Taliban blew up Buddhist statues that were critical but certainly not absolutely central to Buddhist practice. The Temple Mount has been a focal point of Jewish prayer for 2,000 years, and the lack of public outcry is a combination of antipathy towards Israel and a lack of knowledge about the extent of the desecration. While it’s getting increasingly difficult to do anything about the former, HR 756 has the potential to focus debate and raise public awareness about the latter.References:
* Eric Cantor
* MR Has A Question For Democratic Jews: Are You Fucking Retarded?
* Bush: “Now Is The Time To Lay Out A Vision” For A Palestinian State
* State Dept Pushing Congress To Move Abject Failure Keith Dayton To West Bank
* Petition for A Unified Jerusalem
* Shelley Berkley
* Bastards
* Arab Leaders Deny Jewish History on The Temple Mount
* Arafat: ‘Grave consequences’ if Jews Keep Visiting Temple Mount.
* Compare and Contrast

* Conference Call: Pastor John Hagee, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church [FAQ: Debunking Liberal Myths About Evangelical Support For Israel]
* One Jerusalem Conference Call – Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay
* One Jerusalem Conference Call: Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Arabs in FIRST class in Democratic Israel, literally

September 17, 2007

Arabs in FIRST class in Democratic Israel, literally

Jimmy from Jerusalem writes:

Arabs in FIRST class in Democratic Israel, literally
To Arab lobby’s Jimmy Carter’s ‘Apartheid slur‘:

Young [horny] Arabs in the front, elderly Jews & pregnant women in the back!

You have already heard about the Israeli courts that favors Arabs over Jews.

You have already heard about the Israeli security that favors Arabs over Jews in access to holy sites like temple mount & Hebron’s ancient Jewish tomb.

You have already heard about the Israeli military that favors Arabs over Jews in “illegal” squattering, like in Jerusalem, Hebron, etc.

You have already heard about the Israeli universities that favors Arabs over Jews as an ‘affirmative action’ system.

But you have not heard about the ‘usual’ young Arabs flooding Israeli buses (many just ride all day long simply looking for Israeli girls & follow them around), the first seat they grab is of-course the front seat reserved for the elderly & pregnant women, etc.

As Israelis are extremely tolerant and sensitive to any “race” and “religion” issue, they normally refrain from commenting to the uneducated Arabs.

So pregnant women and elderly men women moan on summer hot days and the young cruel Arabs just smile, just like they smiled on 911.

Today a tourist couldn’t take it any more, approached the Arab Muslims in the front seat and “explained” in broken Arabic to the “actors” who made that thing as if they had not noticed anything (reminds you of PALLYWOOD), before evacuating the seats to the staring eyes of dozens regular & super tolerant Israelis.


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[More of Arabs first class over Jews in Israel’s democracy] Israeli Court: Israel must re-route (the life saving anti-terror) barrier (because of inconvenience of some Arab ‘Palestinians) August 2007

September 4, 2007

[More of Arabs first class over Jews in Israel’s democracy]

Israeli Court: Israel must re-route (the life saving anti-terror) barrier (because of inconvenience of some Arab ‘Palestinians) August 2007

By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH, Associated Press Writer
11 minutes ago

BILIN, West Bank – In an embarrassing blow to Israel, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state to redraw the route of its West Bank separation barrier near a Palestinian village that has come to symbolize opposition to the enclosure.

Residents of the village of Bilin went to court arguing that the current route, built on village land, kept them from their fields and orchards, which remained on the other side of the barrier. Villagers and their Israeli and foreign supporters have protested at the barrier every Friday for the past 2 1/2 years, routinely sparring with police in clashes that have wounded dozens.

The Israeli government argued that the route was necessary to protect residents of the nearby settlement of Modiin Illit, and completed the section of fence that cut through Bilin’s lands despite the protests.

A three-judge Supreme Court panel unanimously rejected the government’s argument Tuesday, ordering defense planners to change the barrier’s route so it causes less harm to the village’s residents.

“We were not convinced that it is necessary for security-military reasons to retain the current route that passes on Bilin’s lands,” Chief Justice Dorit Beinish wrote in the decision.

The judges specified that “this will require destroying the existing fence in certain places and building a new one,” and ordered the government to come up with a new route in a “reasonable period of time.”

Israel’s Supreme Court has made several such rulings in the past, ordering authorities to move the fence in several parts of the West Bank.

As word of the ruling got out, elated Bilin residents poured out of homes and schools and headed toward the fence. Gathering near several army jeeps, they chanted “We won,” and “They demolished the Berlin wall, we want to demolish the Bilin wall.”

Abdullah Abu Rahma, one of the leaders of the weekly protest, jubilantly honked the horn of his Honda jeep.

“We went to court, hired the best lawyers in Israel and we won,” he said. Abu Rahma termed the ruling “wonderful,” but said villagers would keep fighting until the fence was moved entirely off Bilin’s land.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement that it would “study the ruling and respect it.”

Israel began building the 425-mile barrier — a combination of concrete walls, fences, trenches and patrol roads — along the West Bank in 2002, saying it was a necessary weapon in its war against Palestinian suicide bombers. But the barrier juts into West Bank territory, provoking Palestinian claims that Israel is using security arguments to mask a land grab.


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More on ‘Arabs come first’ even inside Israel…, police evacuate Jews in Hebron but let Arabs stay… [Arab Muslims – first class citizens in Israel’s democracy!]

August 14, 2007

More on ‘Arabs come first’ even inside Israel… police evacuate Jews in Hebron but let Arabs stay… [Arab Muslims – first class citizens in Israel’s democracy!]

Hebron Evacuation Completed
Christian Broadcasting Network, VA – Aug 7, 2007 – HEBRON, Israel – Some 1000 policemen and 2000 soldiers evacuated two Jewish families from their homes in the former Hebron marketplace Tuesday …

Olmert: No compromise with law breakers…if they’re Jews… As a handful of Jews were forcefully removed from a disputed property in the Judean city of Hebron Sunday, the new government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert …


Well of course Israel teats Arabs super nice (unless security precautions are required in situations of matter of life & death in the war against terror, especially when Arab terrorists hide among women & children).

A Jew Fights For His Home, fighting to regain control of his house from Arab squatters in “East” Jerusalem. [Arabs – Muslims are first class citizens in Israel’s democracy!]

August 14, 2007

A Jew Fights For His Home | Israelated – English Israel blogs 
Yitzhaq Hershkovitz is fighting to regain control of his house from Arab squatters in “East” Jerusalem.

Jews are not even allowed to reside under racist fascist [real apartheid] Arab controlled- ‘palestine’, Gaza, Jenin or Ramallah, etc.

Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens

July 11, 2007

Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens?

Imagine, Israeli non Arabs (i.e., Jews) have to put up with:1) Back stabbing — example #1:Constant finding out on more and more Israeli Arabs aiding genocide bombers (whether with info or more than that), stabbing the very Israel, they’re citizens of, thus indirectly murdering their fellow Israelis, the Israeli Jews…2) Back stabbing — example #2:The Israeli Arab parliament members constantly whine about being “second class” citizens, after getting free education and achieving whatever they achieve, inside equal-rights & equal-access democractic Israel. As payback, these back stabbers are tarnishing Israel’s image all over, especially on Arab global media.

3) Uneven rights — Arab’s advantage over Jews:

Israeli Arabs (unlike Israeli Jews) are exempt from serving in Israeli army (which is naturally for the protection of all Israelis), still they enjoy the same rights as Israeli Jews: voting, education, free speech, etc.

4) Now the favorite part: Israeli Courts (& often security) favor Israeli Arabs over Jews
Who’s second class now?

5) Wait, there’s more: Israeli government allowing Arabs more rights far MORE than Jews, blatantly, especially in access to land.

Who’s second class now?
Favoring Arabs over Jews Inside Israel
Fact Sheet #24:
Israel’s Security Fence Every effort is being made to exclude Palestinian villages from the area within the fence and no territories are being annexed… Israel’s Supreme Court took up the grievances of Palestinians and required the government to move the fence in the area near Jerusalem to make things easier for the Palestinians.

Fence Rulings: Democracy in Action Israel’s Supreme Court sided with the Palestinians in a precedent-setting decision Wednesday, ordering the government to reroute part of its West Bank … from Morality [Jews can’t live in Arab states or in the Palestinian Authority but] … Israeli Arabs sit in the Knesset, serve on the Israeli Supreme Court and …

Nightmare or Dream (Eugene Narrett, PhD) May, 2000 When Jews try to collect other debts from Arabs, the same ingratitude emerges, not just from the Arabs, but enforced by Israeli courts where “the chances …

Arabs, Muslims first class citizens in democratic Israel? (Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims on election eve)

Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims on election eve
The Temple Mount – was closed to Jews today in response to Muslim threats of violence if Jews were allowed to visit. … (July – 2004) [clearly more rights to Arabs in Israel than for any Jews]

Expulsion from ‘Peace House’ in Hevron?… The extreme-left group Peace Now has been pressuring Peretz to expel the Jewish families, claiming that Jews should need special government permission to buy Arab houses. The group has made no similar request requiring special permission for Arabs to buy Jewish homes.

Army Declares Hevron Closed to Jews – Inside Israel – Israel News …Arabs then sued in Israel’s Supreme Court against what they called the “infiltration” of the Jews to the stores, and the Court ruled in their favor …

Israeli Court: Israel must re-route (the life saving anti-terror) barrier (because of inconvenience of some Arab ‘Palestinians) August 2007

Moreover, when it comes to residential land, the ILA sometimes offers Israeli Arabs more favorable terms from than it does to Israeli Jews. Thus, the ILA charged the equivalent of $24,000 for a capital lease on a quarter of an acre in new Jewish communities near Beersheva while Bedouin families in the nearby community of Rahat paid only $150 for the same amount of land.16 In a different case, when a Jewish policeman from Beersheva, Eleizer Avitan, applied to the ILA to lease land in a Bedouin community under the same highly subsidized terms available to the Bedouins, the ILA refused to lease him land there under any terms, so he sued. Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ILA, saying that what might be viewed as ILA discrimination against the Jewish citizen Avitan was justified as affirmative action for Bedouin citizens.17

In several cases, where Palestinian farmers utilized the Israeli court system to lodge complaints that the army was unnecessarily taking land without proper military purpose, the Israeli High Court of Justice decided in favor of the plaintiffs. The army site at Beth El (near Ramallah) is the best-known case, and probably one of the few cases in all of world history where the legal system of the victorious country decided in favor of the defeated, contrary to the security-related demands of the army. The IDF was forced to move its base about ten kilometers further west, to accommodate the land claims of the local Palestinians.

Israel’s Supreme Court is among the finest courts in the world today. … We see that the Israelis routinely decide in favor of the Palestinians against their own government…

Israel’s Supreme Court is perhaps the worst enemy and offender favoring Arabs over Jews in its self-image of supreme fairness and justice. It has given its “supreme” ruling against an area of peace and security which should be left to military and security experts – a supreme ruling against the security barrier and separation fence against terrorism in support of a similar stupid ruling by the Arab-Islamist controlled U.N. International Court of Justice (or Injustice as the case may be). What about the rights of Jews in Arab controlled and dominated lands and nations? Are there any?>Israeli text book tells Arab story – World – Israel approves school text book acknowledging to country’s minority … what had been British-ruled Palestine prompted an invasion by Arab armies and the …

Affirmative Action ? the Israeli Edition It is now official. Last week, the Israeli Council on Higher Education decided to make Jews second class citizens within Israeli universities. Yes, after 1,300 years in which Jews were discriminated against in the Middle East and discrimination in favor of Arabs took place, the semi-governmental Council on Higher Education has decided that Israeli universities must discriminate in favor of Arab.

More on Arabs, Muslims (first class citizens inside Israel) having more rights than Jews in Israel

Jerusalem holy sitesThe Israeli government shied away from ensuring the right of Jews to pray on the temple Mount, opting instead to grant the Muslims the right to administer the Mount. Jewish prayer was immediately forbidden.


Regardless of what the Judaic law says about permitting Jews on the temple mount, the issue of Arabs, Muslims INSIDE Israel’s democracy having far more rights is overwheling.

(Arab Racism even inside Israel, So Israel is a free democracy and Arabs are elected into high offices…. whereas in “Palestinian” controlled areas a Jew… can’t even live there – Islamic apartheid & Judenrein!
What then do Arab representatives do instead?
Stab Israel in the back and call for it’s destruction and for it to be a fascist ‘Arab Only State’….)
Arab MK: ‘Palestine Belongs to Arabs, Not Jews’ – News Briefs …Tibi wrote in the editorial that Palestine belongs to its Arab residents, not to the Jewish occupiers. Tibi told Palestinian Authority Arabs in Ramallah …

Gov’t Allows Arabs To Squat on Jewish Farmland 22:19 Jan 07, ’07 [again the Israeli very govt. gives more rights to Israeli-Arabs intruders over Israeli-Jews].

( The Civil Lands Administration has allowed Arabs from Yatta,
near Hevron, to squat on land 10 miles away that has been farmed by Jews for
10 years. Nearby residents of Beit Yatir, in the southern Hevron Hills,
protested on the property Friday, claiming that the presence of the Arabs
presents a danger to the area.
“Their tractors are unlicensed and they drive them on the roads at night
without lights,” said a Yatir spokesman. Army officers who arrived on the
scene confirmed that the Arabs left their identity cards at a nearby
checkpoint because they had no permit to live on the grounds, but Civil Lands
officers later said temporary permission would be given until the dispute is
settled in the courts.

Jew Fights for his home, invaded by Arab Squatters

July 2007

Yitzhaq Hershkovitz is fighting to regain control of his house from Arab squatters in “East” Jerusalem.

The INN TV Report with Aharon Deutch can been viewed by clicking here

…After a 15-year fight, Mr. Hershkovitz finally obtained a court order to have the squatters removed. Yet, the police has not been helpful in enforcing the evacuation. One of the issues was that the Arabs were keeping their goats hidden inside the house, which apparently is against the zoning regulations. However, every time the police arrived to execute the order, or rather do a pre-execution investigation, the goats are taken outside through the back an and hidden somehow. There is now a stay on the eviction order.

Fortunately, he has been getting some support from friends, including the Defense-training and Torah-study, IBF Canine Unit, based in K’far Tapu’ah.

I’ll try to find out more information about what can be done to assist and support him.

Again, and again, Israeli Arabs are often favored OVER Israeli Jews, Did somebody (in the Arabist camp) say “apartheid”?

Israeli Arabs are first class citizens over Israeli Jews!


israelinsider: politics: Police order Temple Mount closed ahead of demo by Jewish activists
(April 7, 2005)

One Jerusalem — Blog — Help Keep Jerusalem United! After spending over an hour discussing Israel’s challenges I came away with the … Anyway, since Olmert prefers to beat and threaten Jews in Hebron, …

The Jewish struggle Against Arabs in Israel Wherever there’s a problem with Arabs, a new “disengagement” plan?

Supreme Court Rulings – Jews Protest in Jerusalem to protest against the recent anti-Jewish rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court. …

An Israeli Supreme Court ruling did not deny that the land was Jewish-owned, but ordered the Jews to be moved out in order that … sinners not go unpunished. …

“The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat the 200000 Arab residents of Jerusalem preferred to remain under Israeli … In fact, most of the Arabs in the city prefer to live under Israeli rule …

Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which an Arab can file a case against his country in the Supreme Court. Israel’s Supreme Court is among the finest courts in the world today. It enforces the rule of law on a daily basis against inevitable abuses that occur when a nation is at war. As we look at the United States Supreme Court this week there are two big cases — the Hamdi case and the Padilla case. At question is if we can detain and hold terrorist combatants at Guantanamo indefinitely, while deciding if they are prisoners of war or common criminals.
One has only to look to Israel, which see resolved these things 20 years ago.
We see that the Israelis routinely decide in favor of the Palestinians against their own government. In 1989, Justice Brennan, perhaps the most liberal justice in America’s court, went to Israel at the invitation of Justice Aharon Barak of the Israeli Supreme Court. Brennan said, “God forbid that terrorism should ever come to the shores of the United States. At least we in America have the model to help balance the needs of security against the needs of liberty. That model is Israel.”

URGENT: Free Daniel Pinner b4 23.3.06 [Archive] – Israel ForumDaniel claims that he only shot in the air to disperse the Arab attackers. The judge favored the testimonies given by several Arabs, despite countless …

Creating a Palestinian Apartheid State?

There are currently 12 Arabs elected to the 120-member Israeli Knesset representing Arab nationalist, communist and Islamic parties. There is an Arab justice on the Israeli Supreme Court. This is apartheid? (Dec – 2006)

Myths VS Facts

Human Rights in Israel and the Territories Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights. Arabs are represented in the Knesset, …

Israeli Arabs: Expectations and Realities, Abdel Rahman Zuabi, Deputy President of the Nazareth District Court, became the first Arab to sit on Israel’s Supreme Court. …

A Free People in Our Land: The Status of the Arab Sector in Israel … an Arab Justice was appointed to the Supreme Court and Arab …

Israelis aren’t ‘racist’ – they’re worried

“Apartheid”? The High Court and leading Israeli Arab Politicians

AJN – Israeli Arab involvement in terror grows Since the intifada began in September 2000 — and Israeli Arabs rioted in sympathy … scores of Israeli Arabs have been detained for alleged contacts with ..

Twisted Words and Phrases (2) More examples of Arab propaganda, giving new meaning to old words.

FLAME: The Arabs of Israel: Are they (really) a “persecuted minority? Like all other Israeli citizens, they have full rights to vote and to hold elective office. Both Arabs and Druze hold seats in the Knesset, the Israeli … – Arabs and Muslims in Israel Israeli Arabs and Muslims have the right to vote and to hold public office, … They have full rights to citizenship. They are free to speak their minds. …

Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict To the contrary, today one-fifth of Israel’s citizens are non-Jews, including over one million Arabs, and Arabic is an official national language. …

Arab Refugees and the Right of Return After the end of hostilities in 1949, there were 140000 Arabs in Israel. … the Jews lived for generations as second-class citizens in a primitive, …

The Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries – Israel’s War Against …Jews had never been more than “second-class citizens” under Arab rule, the report says, but their life became “simply untenable” after Israel appeared. …

The Arabs of Israel (Part 1) Israel is first and foremost a society of Jewish immigrants. … The Arabs of Israel became bi-cultural and bi-lingual citizens, educated in accordance with …

IHC [In Muslim countries] Ethnic minorities such as Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans and Baluchis, are treated as second-class citizens. Women in Iran are struggling for their rights, …

Israeli Arabs: Expectations And Realities

WorldNetDaily: Israel: Island of justice in the Middle EastIsrael’s High Court has ruled that the route, along which a 25-mile barrier … in the Middle East, Israel is committed to justice for Jews and Arabs alike. …

Myths & Facts – Human Rights in Israel and the Territories… the Israeli Supreme Court also ruled that the government cannot allocate land based on religion or ethnicity, and may not prevent Arab citizens …

Israeli Arab appointed as a JNF [Jewish National Fund…] director despite court appeal …Israeli Arab appointed as a JNF director despite court appeal-News and commentary relating … where there are MKs from the Arab sector,” .

Lying About Discrimination With Statistics And let’s not hear any nonsense about Israeli universities discriminating against Arabs, because they all discriminate in favor of Arabs under affirmative action …
The Jewish struggle Against Arabs in Israel [and Courts favoring Arabs in Jews’ historic land and rhat was redeemed by Jewish money]

Arab Treatment of Palestinians There is much information reguarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. However there is not much out there discussing Arab treatment of Palestinian …

The “Brutal” Israeli Occupation? Every Arab who fell under Israeli “occupation” was free to live his life … The Israeli treatment of captured populations had a lot in common with the …


A Free People in Our Land: The Status of the Arab Sector in Israel For the first time, an Arab Justice was appointed to the Supreme Court and Arab deputy ministers have served in Israel’s Government. Arab citizens serve in …

YI Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute Distorting Israeli Arab RealityThe co-existence of Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel has long been a model for … Miller’s first claim — that Israeli Arabs lack ‘access to military or …

Critiques Distorting Israeli Arab Reality
The missing piece

Review of The Forgotten Millions: The Modern Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands. The volume contains some first-class talent, mostly Israel academics, and they cover …

Dennis Prager — First they came for Israel, then they came for America . … everywhere in the Arab and Muslim worlds are usually second-class citizens at best and terribly …

israelinsider: Views: A virtual tour of (so called) “Apartheid” Israel… a dhimmi (second class citizen) and an enemy of their state. … In the Apartheid State of Israel there are almost one million Arabs. …

JIMENA Jews Indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa were considered dhimmi, a “protected” group of second-class citizens. … On May 15, 1948, five Arab armies invaded Israel with the intention of …

The nature of the Jewish stateIsraeli Jews are a variegated people ? many look just like Arabs and vice versa. The charge of racism as we know it in the U.S. is no more than liberal …

Myths & Facts – Israel?s Roots?The Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel.? … During the British mandate alone, more than 100000 Arabs emigrated from neighboring countries and …

Myths & Facts – Human Rights in Israel and the TerritoriesArabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in … More than one million Arabs live as free and equal citizens in Israel. …

Jewish and Israel News from New York – The Jewish Week,In fact, according to UN statistics, more Jews were displaced from Arab countries … as the rights of Jewish refugees are no less legitimate than those of …

In the years that followed, the Israelis made their desert bloom. They built the only industrialized economy in the entire Middle East. They built the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. They treated the Arabs who remained in Israel well. To this day the very large Arab minority, which lives inside the state of Israel, has more rights and privileges than any other Arab population in the entire Middle East.

‘Arabs have good life under Israel'”I am sure that the Palestinian [Arabs] in Israel have more rights than in any other Arab country

The productivity and tolerance of the Jews in the state they created have given birth to an Arab citizenry inside Israel of more than one million people. …

For non-Jewish citizens of Israel, the answer to all these questions is “Yes. Unequivocally.” Israeli Arab citizens are by law equal to Jewish citizens; they enjoy the same rights and are legally protected from discrimination. Non-Jews enjoy every freedom that democracies recognize, including freedom of worship, the free expression and exercise of religion, equality of financial, material, and employment opportunity, political power, and all legal rights. Indeed, Israel’s Declaration of Independence demands nothing less. According to the Declaration, the Jewish state “will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions.” Israel’s Arab citizens have, in fact, reached positions on Israel’s Supreme Court and have elected powerful parties in the Israeli Knesset that fully participate in Israeli political life.

UJC — Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Brief Guide for the …And who knows better than the citizens of Israel, who include Holocaust survivors and refugees from communist lands and from Arab extremism, how dangerous …

Like “apartheid South Africa”. … non-Muslims are treated as second-class citizens (the despised Dhimmi). …


Jihad Watch: Slain Israeli Arab’s father begs for sanity in PA My message first of all to the religious leaders, the Palestinian leadership, … who reside as Israeli Arab citizens, repect the land they live in, …

Arutz Sheva – (Israel National News) Throughout the Arab world, women are routinely treated as second-class citizens or worse. In Saudi Arabia, women are prohibited by law from driving cars…

Israel “palestine” – 101


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More ‘Israeli Arabs first class citizens’, preferential treatment to Arabs – Muslims, above Israeli Jews

March 25, 2007

More ‘Israeli Arabs first class citizens’, preferential treatment to Arabs – Muslims, above Israeli Jews Expulsion from ‘Peace House’ in Hevron?, The extreme-left group Peace Now has been pressuring Peretz to expel the Jewish families, claiming that Jews should need special government permission to buy Arab houses. The group has made no similar request requiring special permission for Arabs to buy Jewish homes.