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Meet the admitted liars: Taking the point of view of “Palestinians” as facts despite recognizing & admitting it’s falsehood

March 22, 2007

Meet the admitted liars: Taking the point of view of “Palestinians” as facts despite recognizing & admitting it’s falsehood

The virus of criminal ‘Palestinianism’, taking their point of view as “facts”, despite knowing it’s false

Meet the bigots that fantasize in the mud of Arabists’ slurs.

You see it by the German Bishops that “clarified” their despicable criminal gross “analogies” from the darkest page in history, German Nazi ghettos to stopping terrorists by police, by saying that it’s just what the “Palestinian” population believes… oh well, then What?

Why would they simply repeat what “Palestinians” think? And why shouldn’t truth matter?

March 07, 2007 Lovely: German Bishops Compare West Bank to Warsaw Ghetto Of all the people in the world who ought to be careful about making insensitive remarks comparing Jews to Nazis, you think high among them would be German Catholic religious leaders. Unfortunately that is not the case. Vashem lambasted a group of visiting German Catholic bishops on Tuesday for comparing the situation in the Palestinian territories with the Holocaust, calling the contentious remarks “political exploitation and demagoguery” and a gross distortion of history. Mixa later clarified that he had not meant his comments to cause offence. … from the point of view of the Palestinian population,” he said.

The same goes to the Arab money bribed Jimmy Carter that clarified to Larry King on his use of big words like “apartheid’ (and admitting on another CNN interview that Israel is indeed a great democracy with equal rights & treatment for all including for Arabs) on Israel’s war on terror just to ‘provoke a debate’…

What do we have here? The phenomenon of taking the virus of “Palestinanism” that:

1) Belittles the Holocaust by silly “comparisons”

2) Uses drama words that are never connected to reality.

3) That always escape their direct fault in their kids’ deaths by placing them as shields or as human bombs, and are so successful in tarnishing Israelis with it.

4) That always manage to pose as the “victim” no matter how many PALLYWOOD photos are exposed, or the fact of self infliction is evident in their death cult & destruction in being obsessed on genocide against Israel instead of striving for any improvement even in their own lives.

I am no Physcholgist, but The only explanation that one can come up with, it’s desired fantasy by the venemous bigots (like the German bishops & Jimmy Carter and all those using slurs like “apartheid” & “racism” on Israel’s struggle to survive) that wish all so well that “Palestinian” theories would indeed be true…

Can you get more twisted than that?

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