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PALLYWOOD TIRADE:: Arab ‘Palestinians’ Self Destructive Lying Criminal Drama language

February 15, 2009

PALLYWOOD TIRADE:: Arab ‘Palestinians’ Self Destructive Lying Criminal Drama language


Arab ‘Palestinians’ Self Destructive Lying Criminal Drama language
Fareed Zakaria (fareedzakaria) Interviewed a “Palestinian” rep. that has played that drama hype language on Israel, like “apartheid”; (never mind the unfair treatment Jewish Israelis often run into as opposed to Israeli Arabs being favored in Israeli courts and police) & excusing Palestinian crimes (including genocidal Hamas that uses Arab civilians to kill Israeli civilians) with the usual “occupation”; of course.

He also lied openly (as Pallywood so well does) about Israelis effort on peace vis-a-vis self destructive Palestinian Muslims.

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The ‘Palestinian’ Criminal Drama Lying language

What’s up with the Palestinian phenomenon of “drama”?

This contagious fake language that got even onto that Ex President Carter.


Why is ethnic cleansing of Jews from areas in Israel (”Palestine”) called a “step towards peace” and Avigdor Lieberman’s platform is called “ethnic cleansing”?

And if “resettling” by Lieberman is described so dramatically as “neo fascism” (for no reason) what do you call (Palestine – Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, etc.) Islamofascism’s blatant call to kill all Jews – plain and simple?


Have you ever described any security checkpoint (whether in the airport or anywhere else) as an “apartheid” and “oppression”?


The hype rhetoric ‘Islamic behavior’ not only in their own media where they incite their youths towards Jihad with this “victimhood” & demonization of Israelis mentality, but on international platforms as well, whether on international media or in the UN – besides destroying their own society they fail to understand how they alienate Israelis that would sacrifice even more for any chance of peace.


The Anti Jewish racist violence by Arabs in the holy-land started in the 1920’s not in the 1967 where the so called “occupation” excuse was invented.


January 4, 2009
01, 2009
The heavy price – Arabs pay in pushing the ‘drama language’ too far.
The Arab Muslim ‘Palestinian’ propaganda has always tried to “shock” us.
As you know their call and campaign to destroy ALL Israel (imagine if they wouldn’t be stopped…) is a form of “freedom fighting’, but any action that the Israeli victim takes in putting a halt to it is marked by big words, a security checkpoint against homicide bombers is “oppression”, targeting killing of terrorists is a “massacre”, while Palestinian machine-gunmen and rockets shooters operating behind women’s squirts are “heroes” the Zionists extra measures to minimize civilian casualties is “genocide”.
The most frequent use that was initiated by that bloody arch-terrorist that was the champion of use of kids as fodder cannon, is the term “crimes”, this hoo-ha phrase is still being reused again and again: “Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people”.
Contrary to previous operations where Arabs (and the vast Arab Muslim lobby) at the UN was putting all its energy in long speeches of “condemning” Israel, highlighted by (again) ‘name calling’ of course.
Now, they seek for more tangible action from the UN, especially at their failure in the 2006 Hezbollah Islamic initiated war with Israel, as Israel showed again that they care more about safety and their security than paying attention on propaganda speeches by Arabs at the UN.
They are waking-up, though not entirely, as their language gets more and more desperate each time, the latest is the “ultimate” word, they even used the word “holocaust”, imagine that, if I had a dime for every battle between two sides around the globe to call it “holocaust” (that unique historic crime of a clear plan – an industry dedicated to erase an entire race completely), oh boy.
They are in a conflicted situation, on one hand, their anti Israel hatred obliges them to use a language — not which makes any sense but — which makes one paying attention, or so they think. On the other hand obviously they feel they have used it too far,
Not only is it reduced to such ridiculously cliche but it sees that it has used ALL the terms in the book possible.
They are simply out of exaggerated words.