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Christian bookstore director murdered in Gaza by “Palestinian” Muslims

October 21, 2007

Christian bookstore director murdered in Gaza by “Palestinian” Muslims

Gaza (MNN)  Gaza’s minority Christian community was badly shaken over the weekend after the director of the Christian Bookstore run by the Bible Society was found beaten, stabbed and shot to death. Rami Ayyad was 29 years old and an active member of the Gaza Baptist Church.

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[Arab racism & Islamic Aparheid even inside Israel] Arab Member of Israel democratic government: ‘Palestine Belongs to Arabs, Not Jews’

August 10, 2007

So Israel is a free democracy and Arabs are elected into high offices…. [whereas in “Palestinian” controlled areas a Jew… can’t even live there – Islamic apartheid & Judenrein!]

What then do Arab representatives do instead?
Stab Israel in the back and call for it’s destruction and for it to be a fascist ‘Arab Only State’….

Arab MK: ‘Palestine Belongs to Arabs, Not Jews’ – News Briefs …Tibi wrote in the editorial that Palestine belongs to its Arab residents, not to the Jewish occupiers. Tibi told Palestinian Authority Arabs in Ramallah …