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ISLAMIC LOBBY ‘MPAC’ THE BULLY, Muslims bully Muslims over selling Israeli produce

November 5, 2007

[ISLAMIC LOBBY ‘MPAC’ THE BULLY]Muslims bully Muslims over selling Israeli produce12/10/2007By Rachel Fletcher
A campaign by the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) to bully Muslim shop-owners not to sell Israeli produce “verges on antisemitism”, an interfaith activist said this week.

Richard Stone, founder and president of Muslim-Jewish dialogue group Alif-Aleph UK, said the tactics by MPAC, which calls on its website for pressure against shops that carry Israeli stock, were “not constructive”.

The lobby group’s campaign, timed to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan, includes calls to boycott Sabar Bros in Slough for stocking Israeli “blood” dates, giving the shop’s address and phone number.

Complaining that the shop “supports Israel”, the site urges: “Don’t be silent in the face of oppression — please phone them now and tell them you will boycott their shop unless they stop selling Israeli produce.”

MPAC’s website states: “The dates in your household which you may be using to break your fasts with, despite being from a Muslim-owned shop, may well be fuelling the Israeli economy.”

It said eight Muslim-owned businesses in Manchester had been visited. Six of them carried Israeli stock.

The campaigners complain that several businessmen — whose shops they did not name — had said they would continue to sell the Israeli products.

Mr Stone told the JC: “This sort of digging around to find the smallest possible bit of Israeli activity, anything that could possibly be criticised, verges in my view on antisemitism.

“This encourages people to be hostile to people who have sympathy for the Israeli position, in the same way I would not want Jewish people to promote hostility to Palestinians on the grounds of what a minority of Palestinian people do.

“A lot of anti-Israel stuff has tones which slip over into being antisemitic. There should be nothing political to divide Muslims and Jews in this country and importing the crisis is often found objectionable by Israelis and Palestinians here.”

Sabar Hussain, the owner of the Slough shop, Sabar Bros, said he was receiving four or five calls a day, pressuring him to stop selling Israeli produce.

He told the JC: “We are open for everyone, not just Muslims. Is it illegal to sell Israeli dates? There is demand for them.Everyone in Slough sells these dates, so why are they mentioning my name? If you don’t want to buy Israeli products, don’t buy them.”

Mr Hussain, who said he intended to contact his local MP, added: “Some callers say things like, ‘You are not Muslim, you’re supporting Israel.’ If people were polite I might consider what they are asking, but this makes me want to go on selling them.”

MPAC’s website claimed that the Appna Cash and Carry in Manchester had declined to put up their flyers for fear of offending, but had a policy of not knowingly selling Israeli dates.

Manager Naseer Ahmed said he had long refused to stock Israeli dates, but had never heard of MPAC or been approached by them.

“It is possible they spoke to someone on the shop floor,” he said, adding: “I have political reasons [for not carrying Israeli stock]. In the time of apartheid, I didn’t sell South African products.”

An MPAC spokesman told the JC: “Some people in the Muslim community have a village mentality. They can’t think ethically and are more profit-motivated.”

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[Islamic Apartheid] Christians Are Persona Non Grata in Gaza

October 28, 2007

Christians Are Persona Non Grata in Gaza
From Christians Are Persona Non Grata in Gaza: The murder on Oct. 7 of Rami Ayad, who worked at Gaza’s Bible Society, has persuaded many in the 3,000-strong Christian community they are no longer welcome in Gaza. He had been stabbed several times and shot in the head.

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When “brown” Islamo Nazis knock on “white”, “Aryan” Nazis’ doors

October 24, 2007

When “brown” Islamo Nazis knock on “white”, “Aryan” Nazis’ doors

Evil alliance

It’s not really all new, “white Aryan” Arch-Nazi Adolf Hitler already embraced “brown” & “inferior” Arab Muslim Haj Amin Al-Husseini the ‘MUFTI’.

That genius-of-evil knew already how to exploit the Arabs, ready to gas them (too), just as soon as they are “done” with them.

David Puke

Then we read in the late 1990’s that the loser KKK’s ‘David Duke’ couldn’t find a “fertile” ground for his feces hatred only in Arab countries (that are full of anti-non-Arab racism).

The ‘rise’ of the HATERS – ALLIANCE came about after Arabs-Muslims’ attack on 911, the frustration and shame that got over Arab, Muslim “americans” has led to their desperation, after all they share many “values”, especially: exploiting each other.

The prime loser is of course the “white aryan nazis’, as they close their blind eyes to the reality that Islamofascists would exterminate all non Muslims – given the chance.

‘Extreme right nationalists’ Europeans VS Americans

I have to say that TODAY’s European “Aryan supremacists” are far more realists than their ‘American’ counterparts, they realized a long, long time ago that the enemy of all is (radical) Islam, many have even turned into tolerating other groups, even tolerating Jews, differentiating between ‘BLIND & SENSELESS HATRED’ for Jews, and reasonable defense against the ISLAMIC DANGER.

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Christanne Nonsense Network & silence on the most powerful lobby the ARAB LOBBY

September 4, 2007

Christanne Nonsense Network & silence on the most powerful lobby the ARAB LOBBY
AINA ^ | Sep. 2007

Not only did she avoid mentioning the Saudi (Arab) lobby, which is by far the most powerful lobby in America, but she also chose to solicit the opinions of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (himself a lobbyist for Arab causes), as well as professor Mearsheimer, both known for their controversial anti-Israel positions. Stunningly, no expert contradictory opinion to these two was offered during the six-hour program. It would have been just as easy for Amanpour to pose the same questions to Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz or Professor Fouad Ajami.

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Luxury of ONE or two Arab “Palestinians” is more worth than LIVES of scores of Israelis?

September 2, 2007

For Christianne Amanpour

Luxury of ONE or two Arab “Palestinians” is more worth than LIVES of scores of Israelis?

You haven’t missed anything if you haven’t seen the propaganda piece “God’s warriors”, or the bigoted part therein where a ‘Palestinian’ complains about the wall…

The Threat

Everybody knows what a genocide bomber is, everybody knows the massacres by “freedom fighters” ‘Palestinians’ as well as their reduction thereof after the erection of the security wall, or what radical ‘Palestinians’ intentions are, in their charter, as well as here and there declarations, from annihilation of all non Muslims, non Arabs [aka Jews, “throwing them all to the sea”, “drinking their blood”, “wiping off maps”, you name it] in the area, to their global Islamic war, from Seville in Spain [yes, Hamas wants that too] to the Global Islamic repressive Caliphate, where any real [no, not the Carter-propaganda slur type] South African ‘Apartheid’ is luxuary against that Islamic ultimate ‘plan’ to oppress all non Muslims under Sharia.

The necessity & the uncomplaining Israelis

So everybody knows why Israel needs an Israel DEFENSE force, more check points than just in airports which we are all accustomed to, you don’t hear Israeli Jews complaining day and night to TV cameras for their hardship in being checked (almost) 24/7 to any public place, from the supermarket to the arena.

The issue by biased journalism is not security and lives but a luxury of one or two ‘Palestinians’

Let’s be honest the democratic State of Israel’s court did rule to change the outline of the security-fence, so not to make hardship for some Arab families, even though the fence, the shield is about saving lives. But the Israeli courts = ‘equal for all’ and often favoring Arabs over Israeli-Jews (yes, that is missing from Jimmy Carter’s book too), now, show me ONE Jewish family living in [not only ‘Apartheid Palestine’ but ultimately] racist ‘Palestine’! Still. most ‘Palestinians’ want to cross over & work in Israel, because it’s a better, it’s a free & open country, so naturally some of them would complain about the “inconvenience” of a wall. Try to get the BBC, or CNN’s Christianne Amanpour to talk about the saving lives objective, nah, it’s not “news”, news is bashing Israel, anyone that can put struggling Israel in a bad light is old/new “news”.

Short ‘history’ of the Islamic Apartheid’s invention of ‘Apartheid slur’ upon Israel’s democracy

Actually it’s not just one idiotic journalist quoting the ugly cliche line like: “some critics call the wall apartheid wall”, first the racist “apartheid slur” which is just that, stressing the luxury of one or two Arabs over Israel’s lives-savings, was only the language by the darama-dictionary of the fake “Palestinians” PALLYWOOD, then the UK’s ‘The Guardian’ started to use it mercilessly [for the heck of it, it’s the same biased paper that was stubborn to counter with an amateur respond, the processionals that proved that the Arab family on Gaza-beach 2006, was bombed by a Hamas mine and not by IDF], then recently the infamous Arab Muslim lobby paid Jimmy Carter [the worst ex-president, the one at fault of installing the Islamic totalitarian theocracy, the oppression, mass torture, mass killings, and all crimes against humanity being perpertrated upon the Iranian people, and ultimately the menace of a nuclear bomb upon the entire world by Adolph Ahmadinejad] to use it.

Has it ever occurred to these journalists that anti-Israel fascists do NOT have real “issues”?

Part of it is also the notion , oh if the “palestinians” complain, so it must be THE issue, after all, to every war there are two sides, Is it deliberate or naive, that the journalists can’t get the reality, harsh as it might be, simply, that the Arabs are racists, that the Muslims are intolerant of anyone being there? Yesterday it was so called “land”, today it’s a “wall”, and What was it in 1929 [Hebron massacre]?


August 14, 2007


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The terrorist campaign against Israeli civilians constitutes genocide, …

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