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‘PA glorifies Dimona terrorists ‘ – Muslims Against Sharia call on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to shut down Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Al-Iyam and Al-Quds as terrorist mouthpieces that glorify homicide bombings. Failure to do so will show that Palestinian Authority’s quest for peace is nothing more than empty words

February 7, 2008

‘PA glorifies Dimona terrorists ‘ – Muslims Against Sharia call on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to shut down Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Al-Iyam and Al-Quds as terrorist mouthpieces that glorify homicide bombings. Failure to do so will show that Palestinian Authority’s quest for peace is nothing more than empty words.

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Terrible CNN’s Shihab Rattansi calls Genocidal “Palestinian” Terrorists Hamas a: “Political Movement”

December 16, 2007

Terrible CNN’s Shihab Rattansi calls Genocidal “Palestinian” Terrorists Hamas a: “Political Movement”

In the December 15, 2007 Headlines news, the CNN’s anchor Shihab Rattansi ( interpreted [as opposed to real reporting]  the tenths of thousands mainstream guilty Palestinian Arabs in the pro-Hamas rally, where they chanted support for the pro-mass-murder party, with typical of that death cult vocabulary, words like “Hamas isn’t afraid of death”.

Worst did he do, as so outrageously he didn’t stop there, he dared used what the bloody terrorists themselves “claim” in their propaganda, he added the dreadful words: “…the political movement Hamas, the uprising against the Israeli occupation“.

What “occupation” is Hamas against, even if one would buy the notion that the 1967 borders are considered “occupied territories” (though there was never a “Palestine” Arab sovereign nation, si “who” exactly is Israel supposedly “occupying”, but let’s assume that Pallywood term just for the sake of the argument, since the “Palestinians” have alraeady won in their propagnada to establish the 1967 added territories as “occupation”), since they want all of the land (just before they finalize their Caliphate global domination ultimate goal).

This line of propaganda “reporting” is not only pure pro terror propaganda, but it’s also dangerous for all of the west, Islamists see us all as one, and swallowing -justifying one Jihadi card is the same as swallowing-justifying Al Qaeda, Taliban or other Islamic fascists’ cards.

By this line of “politicizing” fascistic genocide CNN is supporting bloody Hamas, as in:

Hamas Spokesman: Genocide of Jews remains Hamas goal (04/07)

Hamas vows to ‘drink’ Jewish blood, See terrorist group’s video with messages … group would drink the blood of Jews until they “leave the Muslim countries.

Hamas – in their own words. Many people (myself included) have wondered about the nature of Hamas, … and so will continue to fight as long as Spain remains outside of the Caliphate. …

Gaza Coup: Islamization is coming On the other hand, Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman of Hamas in Gaza, declared cheerfully in … their main issue is the creation of an Islamic Caliphate system. …

Palestinians back caliphate over politics – Telegraph

Hamas reiterates goal of world domination by Islam – annihilation …The PA sources further asserted that senior Fatah and Hamas terrorist leaders, as well as senior security officials from Egypt and Israel, know many details …

Wanted: a caliphate

The official said Hamas seeks to create an “Islamic caliphate” in Gaza…

ISLAMIC “PALESTINIAN” APARTHEID – Expert: ‘Christian groups in PA to disappear’

December 6, 2007

http://www.jpost. com/servlet/ Satellite? pagename= JPost%2FJPArticl e\
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Expert: ‘Christian groups in PA to disappear’
Etgar Lefkovits , THE JERUSALEM POST Dec. 4, 2007
The ever-dwindling Christian communities living in
Palestinian- run territories in the West Bank and Gaza are likely
to dissipate completely within the next 15 years as a result of
increasing Muslim persecution and maltreatment, an Israeli
scholar said Monday.

“The systematic persecution of Christian Arabs living in
Palestinian areas is being met with nearly total silence by the
international community, human rights activists, the media and
NGOs,” said Justus Reid Weiner, an international human rights
lawyer in an address at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs,
where he serves as a scholar in residence.

He cited Muslim harassment and persecution as the main cause of
the “acute human rights crisis” facing Christian Arabs, and
predicted that unless governments or institutions step in to
remedy the situation – such as with job opportunities – there
will be no more Christian communities living in the Palestinians
territories within 15 years, with only a few Western Christians
and top clergymen left in the area.

“Christian leaders are being forced to abandon their followers to
the forces of radical Islam,” Weiner said.

Facing a pernicious mixture of persecution and economic hardships
as a result of years of Palestinian violence and Israeli
counter-terrorism measures, tens of thousands of Christian Arabs
have left the Palestinian territories for a better life in the
West, in a continuing exodus which has led some Christian leaders
to warn that the faith could be virtually extinct in its
birthplace in a matter of decades.

The Palestinian Christian population has dipped to 1.5 percent of
the West Bank and Gaza Strip, down from at least 15% a half
century ago, according to some estimates.

No one city in the Holy Land is more indicative of the great
exodus of Christians than Bethlehem, which fell under full
Palestinian control last decade as part of the Oslo Accords.

The town of 30,000 is now less than 20% Christian, after decades
when Christians were the majority. Elsewhere in the Palestinian
territories, only about 3,000 Christians, mostly Greek Orthodox,
live in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, out of a strongly conservative
Muslim population of 1.4 million.

“In a society where Arab Christians have no voice and no
protection it is no surprise that they are leaving,” he said.

In his address, Weiner pointedly downplayed the effects that
Israeli security measures, such as the security barrier being
built between Israel and the West Bank, have had on the Christian
Arabs living in the West Bank.

The barrier, which is especially conspicuous at the entrance to
Bethlehem where it is a concrete wall, is an issue which many
Palestinian Christian clerics have pointed to, along with the
ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as a central cause of
Christian emigration.

Weiner argued there was a “180 degree difference” between the
public statements coming out of the mainstream Christian
leadership in the Holy Land – who “sing the PA’s tune” and blame
Israel for all the Christian Arabs’ ills – and people’s
experience on the ground.

“The truth is beginning to come out,” he said. “The question is
what is being done with the truth.”

His comments come just months after a prominent Christian
activist, Rami Khader Ayyad, 32, was killed in Gaza.

“For too long the plight of Christian Arabs has been put on the
back-burner or ignored altogether,” said Rev. Malcolm Hedding,
executive director of the International Christian Embassy, a
Jerusalem-based evangelical organization.

The Evangelical leader, who has drawn the wrath of Catholic
leaders in the Holy Land for his strong support for Israel, said
that “power politics” has prevented the major Christian leaders
in the Holy Land from speaking out on this issue.

“There is a one-sided debate in which Israel is responsible for
everything,” he said. “The Christian world needs to stand up and
speak out about this.”

“Palestinian” Arabs first class inside Israel – PA Arab Squatters Remain on Jerusalem Property

November 16, 2007

“Palestinian” Arabs first class inside Israel – PA Arab Squatters Remain on Jerusalem Property

PA Arab Squatters Remain on Jerusalem Property
6 Kislev 5768, 16 November 07 11:38by Ezra HaLevi( Yitzchak Herskovitz, in his eighties, continues to battle Arab squatters in the courts as yet another eviction was postponed Sunday.

Herskovitz has been in the courts for fifteen years against a clan of PA Arabs who are squatting on a property he owns just below the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Givat HaMatos, near Beit Tzefafa. Even after multiple rulings in his favor, the return of his property had been repeatedly delayed and called into question.

“The government and courts are responsible for protecting the property rights of their citizens, but they are not doing so.” Herskovitz told Arutz-7. “I do not believe a person can fathom the pain of what this trespassing does to me.”

Earlier this year, on July 2, Herskovitz was given a court order to evict the squatters. At first, the police demanded that he pay for a large number of officers to enforce the order in the face of expected violence. After he paid the sum and dozens of Jewish volunteers showed up to assist in reclaiming the property, police said an injunction had postponed the order due to a legal technicality the Arabs’ lawyer brought to court at the last moment.

Arutz-7’s coverage of the story led to the Knesset Law Committee’s adjustment of the law requiring private citizens to pay the police to enforce a court order, but the eviction has yet to take place.

A new date was eventually set, with Jerusalem District Court Judge Noam Solberg demanding that the Arabs’ lawyer, Mohammad Dahleh, sign an agreement that he would cease the use of delay tactics.

The date was then delayed once more due to a police policy not to carry out evictions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The new eviction date was finally set for Sunday, November 11, but was again postponed at the last minute – due to yet another loophole found by Dahleh, who had refused to sign the agreement presented by the Judge.

“It was proven without a doubt, with a preponderance of evidence that the Salah clan invaded the Givat HaMatos and Beit Tzefafa area by way of Bethlehem,” Herskovitz says. “It is with a strong desire to seek a peaceful solution to this dilemma that I go to court. Others, I believe, would have taken the law in their own hands.”

Not Only in House Illegally, But Jerusalem Too
The Salah clan, which is squatting in the residence, is not only residing in Herskovitz’s property illegally, but in Jerusalem altogether in contravention of the law. The clan resided in the PA village of Tamra south of Jerusalem until they were forced to leave by the village elders due to criminal activity.

Herskovitz recently made several trips to the relevant Judea and Samaria police and Civil Administration authorities to ascertain whether they had the documents required to enter pre-1967 Israel from PA-controlled areas. He found out that they have no such permission and are in Jerusalem illegally.

Herskovitz alleges that the police know this and refuse to take action against the clan.

He is now demanding that the police file a criminal suit against the squatters. “Even when I win this current case, they will not be punished for their actions,” he says, “because it is a civil trespass suit, whereas their actions are criminal. Their actions are more than mere squatting or trespassing, but their presentation of false documents in court proves their intent is criminal. I believe the State of Israel should give them alternate housing – in jail – so that others will know that trespassers are indeed punished.”

Herskovitz says activists have the ability to influence the police to enforce the law, suggesting Minister of Public Security Avi Dichter be contacted…


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[Islamic ‘Palestinian’ Apartheid] American Christian Claims His Life Was Threatened by PA Official

November 1, 2007

[Islamic ‘Palestinian’ Apartheid] American Christian Claims His Life Was Threatened by PA Official

October 31, 2007 Julie Stahl
American Christian Claims His Life Was Threatened by PA Official
By Julie Stahl Jerusalem Bureau Chief October 31, 2007
Jerusalem ( – An American Christian of Arab descent, who has been doing humanitarian work in Palestinian Authority-ruled Ramallah for years, says he is being threatened by a P.A. official because of his religion — and when he complained to the authorities, he was invited to pay protection money.
American-born Pastor Isa Bajalia, whose parents come from Ramallah, told Cybercast News Service that his life has been threatened by a low-level P.A. official.
That official told him he would end up like Rami Ayyad, a Palestinian Bible Society worker who was stabbed and shot to death by unknown assailants in Gaza earlier this month, reportedly for refusing to convert to Islam.
Bajalia, who is legally blind, said the official also threatened that he would be crippled for life.

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They always suffer from their leaders – PA red-tape prevents medical care for Palestinians, Palestinians arriving in Israel for medical care encounter Palestinian government’s refusal to reimburse Israeli hospitals’ expenses, causing delays in treatment. ‘We don’t really exist as far as Hamas and Fatah are concerned,’ patients say

October 31, 2007

They always suffer from their leaders –

PA red-tape prevents medical care for Palestinians, Palestinians arriving in Israel for medical care encounter Palestinian government’s refusal to reimburse Israeli hospitals’ expenses, causing delays in treatment. ‘We don’t really exist as far as Hamas and Fatah are concerned,’ patients say

Ali Waked Published: 10.29.07, 08:33 / Israel News

For many Palestinians, the ongoing fighting between Hamas in the Gaza strip and Fatah in the West Bank has created a far more serious problem: The lack of proper medical care.

Palestinian hospitals refer many of their patients to Israeli hospitals, where they can receive better treatment; but in many cases, even those who are able to get the necessary permission to cross over to Israel to receive treatment find themselves being turned down. The reason – the Israeli hospitals can no longer bill the Palestinian government for their treatment.

Under Pressure

Gaza hospital faces shortage in equipment, blood units / Aviram Zino

As injured continue to pour into Gaza’s Shifa hospital, physicians struggle with limited equipment, lack of medicine and beds. ‘We’re not sure we would be able to save the critically injured,’ one doctor says
Full Story

The hospitals’ administrators find themselves – as do the patients’ families – going back and forth between Gaza and Ramallah trying to find their way through the bureaucratic maze.

The end result is almost always the same: The Palestinian government in Ramallah makes the necessary monetary arrangements, but only exhausting everyone involved.

PA’s indifference
A. and his sister, from Gaza, came to the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in order to be treated for cancer.

“The administrator in Gaza thought he could get away with giving her a referral just for a diagnosis. The Israeli staff saw right through that and told us the treatment requires a different kind of coverage.

“The administrator here sent Gaza dozens of faxes every day until Ramallah said they would pay for it… you see the Israeli staff’s dedication and concern and on the other hand, the Palestinians’ indifference and you can’t understand how your own people completely ignore you and you supposed enemy bends over backwards to see that you get everything you need,” said A.

Another problem deriving from this situation is that the permits given to the patients immediate family – or anyone else that chooses to accompany them to Israel – are reduced to the hospital’s vicinity only. “We literally can’t leave the premises,” M., a Palestinian who is staying with a sick relative in the Tel Aviv medical center, told Ynet.

“Instead of making this process as quick as possible, they (Hamas and Fatah) take their time in fighting each other…we don’t really exist as far as they’re concerned. God will avenge all of them for all our suffering,” he added.

Aviva Shemer, spokesperson for the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, told Ynet that the hospital “does all it can to allow the Palestinian population access to the best possible medical care. We usually get the Palestinian Authority’s full cooperation.”,7340,L-3465150,00.html
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