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Moderate PA Plot to Assasinate Olmert

October 21, 2007

Moderate PA Plot to Assasinate Olmert

It should be clear by now that PA President and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas has no ability nor intention of curbing the terrorists that make up the PA.

This is sheer fantasy.

The only difference between Fatah and Hamas is tactics. Hamas wants to destroy Israel immediately, Fatah is willing to work through various stages for Israel’s annihilation, aiming for a one-state solution, which would mean the end of the Jewish state and dhimmitude for Jews and Christians—at best.

Of course, the Arabs can always count on fifth columnists like Yossi Beilin who urge Israel to keep on negotiating even as terrorists plot a final solution. Belilin and his ilk have zero understanding of the enemy, zero comprehension that Israel and the West are locked in a life and death struggle with Muslim jihadists who have no interest in compromise.

Once again we are living in 1938, and once again the Jews are the canaries in the coal mine. And once again, as in Communist Russia, the Jews on the left have become the most implacable foes of the Jewish people.

Some of the five Fatah operatives suspected of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert were members of the PA security forces and were meant to guard the prime minister’s convoy, Chanel 2 quoted Israeli security officials as saying on Sunday.

Earlier Sunday, Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin informed the cabinet of the plot to fire at the prime minister’s convoy during a trip to Jericho to meet with PA President Mahmoud Abbas on August 6.

In the wake of the plot, the Shin Bet said it would now prevent any meetings involving Israeli officials in Area A – the area under full Palestinian control.

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