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More racist Arabs’ attempts to brand multi-racial racially-equal Israel as “racist” – a racism masked as “anti-racism”

April 9, 2010

More racist Arabs’ attempts to brand multi-racial racially-equal Israel as “racist” – a racism masked as “anti-racism”

In recent years, we’ve all witnessed an atrocious trend of anti-Jewish racism, the one rooted in Arab, Muslim bigotry, that seeks to tarnish Israel, especially those worried of Arab violence (which is in it of itself racist to target any Jewish civilian for being Jewish) and categorize fear as “racism.” Each time we see a “report” by a group (Mossawa, Adala, or others) posing as “human rights for Arabs.”

It’s part of Arab-Islamic (at times with help from radical left) to make Israel look bad, (in the UN, in global media), therefore “illegitimate” – therefor justifying the hatred to begin with. This, despite how much Israeli Arabs are treated with favoritism over Israeli Jews, often as first class citizens, in employment, in court, on campus, etc. The following is just an example of the racist Arab fake “reports” of “racism” in Israel .

Israel approves largest-ever Arab economic plan March 22, 2010 JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Cabinet has approved the largest-ever economic development plan for Israeli Arabs. Nearly $214 million in new money was allocated by the government ministers Sunday for the program, which aims to strengthen the Arab-Israeli economy. The program reportedly includes building and expanding industrial areas, providing professional and academic instruction, increasing tourism, upgrading security and improving transportation and day care.

The program is to start in 12 Arab communities and later will be expanded to more communities. The approval came the same day as the release of a report by the Coalition Against Racism and the Mossawa Center: The Advocacy Center for Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel that accuses the current government of being the most discriminatory in Israel’s history…, according to their count. A spokesman for the Israeli government did not have immediate comment on the report



World press review, Volume 37 Stanley Foundation – 1990 (page 57)

…the facts… For instance, until quite recently, the Israeli Consul General in Atlanta was an Arab. Racism is totally contrary to the tenets of the Jewish religion and to the unwritten constitution of Israel. How does that compare with Israel’s accusers?… The Arabs have for the most part expelled all Jews from their countries and don’t even allow Jewish visitors. They were the slave masters of yesterday and in some cases are reported to practice slavery even today. They are mercilessly exploiting black Africa and other developing countries by their inflated oil prices. For them to say that Zionism is racism is atravesty and an insult to the intelligence of the world.

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