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MSM: ‘Ordinary’ Arab-Islamic bigots are “protesters”

September 11, 2011

MSM: ‘Ordinary’ Arab-Islamic bigots are “protesters”

When the MSM calls ‘ordinary’ Islamofascism – “protest”

It’s quite sickening when I watch BBC, CNN and others. Describing the anti-Israel vandals in Egypt [Sep. 2011] as “innocent protesters.”

As if the ‘ordinary’ Islamo-Arabs lay out specific demands, certain details to be met.

Let’s not skid off the truth, Israel is not welcome at all, in its entirety, even if Israel would spend the whole day giving candies to the Arabs.
Speaking of ‘giving.’ What exactly was the outcome when Israel gave, for example, Gaza, whereas Arab-Palestinians, never in history ‘had’ anything in the area – as a matter of fact? Only more Islamization, more Hamas acceptance [which was voted in following Israel’s give-away] and pro-violence that targets innocent civilians, especially Israeli children. So let’s not fool ourselves that Israeli’s so-called “policies” are the real reasons.

Of course there will always be incidents [Arab-Palestinians have quite an easy job in creating incidents, all they have to do is shoot behind civilians upon Israelis], which will serve as matches. But the gasoline is there, “Arab children are taught hatred of the Jews from their mother’s milk”* *.

Or as a writer has put it:

Their complaints are pure hypocrisy anyway. The Islamic world does not hate Israel because they care about the human rights of the Palestinians. If they cared about human rights they would have human rights in their own countries. The Islamic world hates Israel because, well, essentially because they are Jews. If they were Muslims, doing exactly the same things, no one in the Arab world would care. The main reason people focus on Israel is because it involves Jews.

Fact is, as a writer in the WSJ writes: Muslim Judeophobia is not-as is commonly claimed-a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main “root causes.” It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel’s creation.

Speaking of Islamism -specifically- in Egypt, Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya’qoub: The Jews Are the Enemies of Muslims Regardless of the Occupation of Palestine,… they are infidels

Take for example the cruel long Arab-Islamic racist boycott of Israel. Portrayed in MSM as some “activism…”

This antecedent movement is unabashedly anti-Semitic and racist, having started with a de facto boycott as early as 1922 against Jewish interests, not Israeli interests, 26 years prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.

The Arab League Council formally instated a boycott on December 2, 1945: “Jewish products and manufactured goods shall be considered undesirable to the Arab countries”. That, might I remind you, is a little less than 3 years before the establishment of the State of Israel and 22 years before the “occupation” began following the 6-Day War in 1967.
The Arab-League Boycott and the modern DFI are not one in the same; however, they share the same ideological roots of racism and anti-Semitism towards anyone from Israel. During the initial years of the Arab-League Boycott, all products, whether made by Jew or Arab were boycotted…


Despite Israel’s lack of importance and despite the weakness of the moral charges against it, Israel is an outcast. Israeli nationalism – Zionism – has been declared racism. The Arab League enforces secondary and tertiary boycotts against Israel. Jews may not enter Saudi Arabia, except for American soldiers. Malaysia forbids the performance of “Jewish” music. This endless policy of boycott and non-recognition is officially the policy of most Arab states. Countries like Libya… Saudi Arabia have never suggested that they would make peace if Israel did X or Y or Z. Their opposition to Israel, supported by leftists everywhere in the world, is one of permanent enmity. Since such a stance excludes the possibility of peace, it is implicitly genocidal and therefore radically evil.

In a classical example, an ardent anti-Israel “advocate”, who has -for a long time- called for a boycott of Israeli goods, jumped to the next step by calling (in 2009): “Do not buy anything from businesses run by the Jewish community.”

Arab cartoons portray Jews [not just “Israelis”] as non-humans. Influenced much by hate sermons along the Islamic “apes and pigs” * canard.

Best selling author:

It’s about the bigotry … Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews. These bigoted myths and conspiracy theories brainwash Palestinian children to commit suicide bombings against Jews. Innocent children play death games, such as collecting “martyr” cards with pictures of suicide bombers.”

The Goliath Arab-Islamic Jew-hatred [anti-Semitism] is sad, horrifying. Suffice to see some translations from Arabic in MEMRI and in ADL’s documentation.* * *.

Conclusion: to the MSM, quit politicizing their deep blind hatred. There will never be peace as ,long as hate-education exist – the real problem. It may be more against Jews but it never stops there. An inscription in Arabic written on a picture of the PLO flag was drawn on a church top near the platform where the bishop spoke. It read: ‘On Saturday we [the Muslims] shall kill the Jews and on Sunday we shall kill the Christians’. In fact the Muslims of the region have long referred derisively and threateningly to the ‘Saturday people’ and the ‘Sunday people’.

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The dehumanization by MSM “news” agencies – Itamar massacre

March 14, 2011

The dehumanization by MSM “news” agencies – Itamar massacre

How does the “objective” MSM report / react to the Arab-Islamic aiming at infants in Israel?

Itamar Massacre: Bloggers Get It, MSM Doesn’t | Source: HonestReportingBackspin’t

Jewish Family Massacred? Not Big News for World
by Gil Ronen
As five members of one Jewish family were being laid to rest, news of their sadistic massacre had all but disappeared from the world’s leading news websites. As of 11:00 AM EDT Sunday the item was completely missing from CNN’s homepage, while appearing in a low spot on both the BBC and FoxNews websites.


While you get 422,000 results when you search for, yet, the MSM news agencies are far from seeing it in the human view.


When you search CNN:, it gives you only an “ireport”: Itamar massacre: Fogel family butchered while sleeping – CNN iReport Mar 12, 2011. Nothing (so far) by official CNN which is so quick to be “outraged” when Arab children die as their parents’ pawns.


How does the Arabist BBC demonize the victims of Arab butchery? Abbas condemns settler killings – BBC – HomepageMar 14, 2011, the dehumanization of babies as “settlers”. Everything is “politics” isn’t BBC? Is there any room for condemnation of crude Arab-Islamic crimes against humanity of targeting babies? (See more at: Baby killers: BBC Butchers Real Story


June 4, 2010


June 3, 2010

The Arab-Islamic ‘anti-Jewish’ hate machine’s suicide & homicide missions in damning Israel’s image.


The suicidal way includes the over all ‘job’ of ensuring a pathetic and suffering situation of the Arab-Palestinians (who have been persecuted by the Arab world, but that’s besides the point), the cruelty upon its people – motivated by a no-rocket-scientist rule: The sadder the Palestinian condition is, the easier for them it is, to cast Israel in a bad light. For this reason, all Arab-Islamic (including Palestinian leadership’s) action vis-a-vis their Arab-Palestinians was always ‘anti’ these people [1], ever since 1948, when they called up on them to evacuate the area [2] [3]. They have always served as nothing more than a ‘football’ in the Arabs’ hate-game against Israel [4].


Just imagine, what if the Arab Muslim world wouldn’t be so bigoted and accept the Jews, (not nearly as much as the Arabs are more-than-accepted in pluralistic Israel, but even promoted and treated every so often in a far better way than how the Jews are, who often feel as the second class citizens in their own country, in that democratic country [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]) in their neighbourhood, there would be no conflict what so ever.


I say ‘Jihad’ because the base and root of this anti-Jewish hatred is basically the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini ‘The Fuhrer of the Arab World’ [23] (who met with Adolph Hitler and –despite Nazis’ regard for the ‘Arab race ‘as inferior,’ and “lacquered half-apes who ought to be whipped[24]— was played, used by the Nazi leader against their ‘common enemy’ the Jews) who started in the 1920s to lead the genocidal Jihad by calling upon Muslims: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases Allah, History and Religion. This saves your honor. Allah is with you. [25] [26] [27][28] [Back then, there was no (re-birth of) Israel yet, and there was no shame in the display of honesty in calling a spade a spade, unlike some hypocrites in the Arab-Muslim world today, who want you to believe they are “only against Zionists…” or as the more sophisticated among them cast their agenda as “criticizing Israel’s policies…”]

Thus, despite the current motivations by Arabs (some, who even might not be so Islamic in their everyday life) that entail the racism element against Jews as well [29], it was always, (since the 1920s) the Islamic theme (for this reason the NOI Black Muslim’s Farrakhan is venemous anti-Jewish, even though, blacks have been [30] and still are the very victims of Arabs’ racism in Africa [31] [32] [33] [34]) in the Islamized middle east.

While both motives (racial & religious) are diabolic, the “religious” bigotry might be to some extend more destructive and ‘endless,’ as a Muslim believes he’s doing it for Allah, for sure it’s more powerful – emphesis added.

Here’s an example from February 2010 on “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah PA TV: “Fight The Jews & Kill Them — They Are Enemies Of Humanity & Allah” [35].

In an author’s words: ‘Muslim Judeophobia is not—as is commonly claimed—a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main “root causes.It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel’s creation.’ [36]. The simple unrefuted ‘HATE’ fact is that the Arab-Islamic middle east see the Jews as outsiders and want to eradicate them.


Current Arab-Islamic cult of hatred has a real sophisticated ‘Goliath’ machine, two of the major tools are: 1) Use of civilians against Israeli civilian or military targets. 2) Causing deaths among its people in propaganda actions masked under “peace” or “humanitarian.”

Both are one in the same, making sure Israel comes out ‘bad,’ and condemned.

Amazing how passionate anti-Jewish hatred among these Arab-Islamic bigots is, willing to sacrifice one’s life and fellow men/women for this sacred cause, called “Jews are bad.”

You can call it ‘creating martyrs’ but let’s not lose site of the real inhuman reality of it, its about bringing about deaths of its people – as long as Israelis can be blamed for it.


Iranian backed Hamas & Hezbollah or even “moderate” Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists are the main ‘military’ departments of this machine, they will do anything so that Arabs die, preferably Arab kids, be it firing behind a woman’s squirt, from a populated area or from a residential home.


Then there are those fricking violent “peace” activists, that is the ‘political wing’ of this cult. One gullible woman: Rachel Corrie fell victim to manipulation of Arafat’s tricks, and she died, supposedly because of “Israelis.”

Which is why, for example, at the “flotilla ship” case (where the Muslim “activists” aboard the ship were planning their deaths as “martyrdom” [37], chanted ‘Kill the Jews for Allah’ [38], and the atmosphere on board was all about an Islamic call of: ‘killing the Jews’ [39]) the Arab-Palestinian leaders of Hamas refused aid [40] when Israelis release boats of supplies. It’s all about image, nothing about “humanitarian.” It also sadly “explains” why, for instance, Islamic Republic of Iran resfused Israelis’ aid when that nation was hit with an earthquake, they’d rather let their population suffer then let Israel come out in good light. They argue that that’s the good ‘Islamic’ thing, way.


Both wings are tied to each other, like the frequent “peace” activists of Palestine “International Solidarity Mission,” (ISM, PSM) which asides from outbursts, revealing at times their intentions at shouting at gatherings of ‘Kill the Jews,’ [41] they are known not only to impede in anti-terror Israeli operations, but are in fact tied and are front groups for the terror-organizations [42], both wings’ aim at cleansing out the Jews have very much the demonization of Israel as an imperative mission, it serves both, satisfying the thirsty shear Arab-Islamic demon-obsessed hatred, and attempts to rationalize its religious or/and racial hatred & violence because, hey: ‘You see what the Zionists do?’


The dangerous message the Islamists are basically saying, offering, rather warning and threatening the Israeli army is this: ‘Tomorrow you are going to “kill” a few Muslims.’ And: ‘You won’t even know where it comes from.’

And the humanitarian Israeli side — the only side making all efforts, often sacrificing their lives, in order to avoid ANY casualties— is left in the dark, in sonstant fear, wondering as to what vicious tricks, the anti-human Arab-Islamic “activists’ or “fighters” will come up with this time.


Don’t get fooled, it’s –the orchestrated deaths– very well calculated and meticulously planned, from their account it’s always a ‘win win situation,’ if the Israeli security people get hurt from the bloodthirsty “activist,” then the Islamic “peacenick” is a “hero” for “standing up to the Israelis,” if the violent “peacenick” dies, he’s a martyr-hero anyway, just like in the war field when Hamas, Hezbollah Arabs kill themselves upon innocent Israelis, whether or not, Israelis kill them before their mass-murder act is carried out, these guys are martyrs, already, whatever the outcome is.

why shouldn’t they continue in their death factory?


The shock is really not from that death cult side at all, but from some Eurabian & some radical lefty in America media that fall dead victims to these campaigns, again, and again and again.

It’s not off topic to remind that Islamic Taquiya (Taqiyya) means just that: ‘Deceiving, cheating, lying to, fooling the infidel.’ [43] [44] [45] [46]

Want it seen stopped? Not before the BBC, CNN and others will gather some courage, for once, wake up tomorrow and say: ‘We are not playing your game any more!’ it’s over, from this time and on, all reports, are being diverted from incited-hateful-passion-in-the-Arab-street to fact based truth and pointing the finger at the Islamic culprit.


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What is bias in the middle east conflict? [March, 2009]

March 24, 2009


What is bias in the middle east conflict? [March, 2009]

Arabs’ racist killing (specifically) Jews *, is accepted “freedom fighting’.

Israelis worried of Arab terror *, branded as “racists”.


War crimes, crimes against humanity by Palestinian Arab leadership – regime in Gaza * * * of using Arab civilians, making sure their kids die, for the “greater good (Jihadi-fascism’s goodness) of making Israel look bad…” * * * * * * *, using hospitals *, schools, UN medical vehicles * *, even aid material sent by humanitarian Israel * for murder, targeting at Israeli civilians, – shoved aside, ignored *.

Israel’s humane army’s extreme measures not to hit civilians (including 250,000 warning phone calls  to Arab residents to evacuate a particular area designated to be included in an op., knowing full well terrorists can cease the opportunity and flea, as well as risking young soldiers’ lives in going door to door) * * * * aiming only at Hamas terrorists is denounced of “random shooting” and “war crimes”.


[Arab led pressure forcing Israel to conduct] Uprooting Jews from their homes and their ancestors’, AKA Transfer * * AKA Arab Palestinian Apartheid * is “good for peace”.

Transfer of Arabs (who don’t have more than 2 or 3 generations of history in Judea / Israel / Palestine * * * *) is “apartheid, fascist and racist” * (AKA Avigdor Lieberman).


While Hamas or even “Moderate” Fatah refuses to recognize Israel *, international aid is flowing their way.

UN is “busy” condemning Israel * * on whatever is being told (forced) by the global Arab Muslim oil lobby.

Arabist BBC lost its credibility years ago…

January 22, 2009

Arabist BBC lost its credibility years ago…

Yesterday (Jan 21, 2009), BBC’s gimmick was about a girl, a drama invented by Pallywood.

All the sources the BBC quoted was the Hamas-nick “father” (of a wounded girl) and other family (‘Abu Rabu’) members, that they “saw” with their own eyes how the Israeli soldiers shot at them and eating chocolate.

(Come to think of it, How can you shoot and eat at the same time?, Never mind!).

As if the world hasn’t seen enough Pallywood fake reports and fake images?

Now, “based” on the story told by the family, the terrible biased BBC has taken and reported it as a “fact”.

But of course you never see the real facts in the middle east conflict, like of those Hamas Jihadists how they mingle with civilians to cause casualties, or any Israeli kids injured from Palestinians, because Israel does not exist as human beings in BBC’s vocabulary, all Israeli kids are all of a sudden “tanks” – while Palestinian Jiahdists are all “civilians”.

MSM, stop showing the images! stop rewarding Jihadists’ tricks in causing Arab civilians’ deaths!

January 5, 2009

MSM, stop showing the images! stop rewarding Jihadists’ tricks in causing Arab civilians’ deaths!
Hey, BBC, CNN, Stop showing again and again ‘Pallywood’ TV from Gaza of Arab children killed due to Arab adults’ using them as cannon fodders.

Jan 2009
Operation: Cast Lead
Islamic butchers know all too well they succeed  toying with their kids on their death cult’s death beds, no matter how you will explain the real cause how their civilians die, they are experienced in the power of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ when it comes to blooded Arab bodies.
What is the responsibility of the MSM BBC, CNN in serving the conveyer of these orchestrated images, Images that enrage the world against Israel who is nothing but a defender of it’s people?
The media owe’s itself the professionalism not to show these images.
1) One can not take ‘Palestinian’ word for anything, much less about accuracy of photos or numbers of the so called “civilians’, we have been here before [we still remember the inflated “numbers” in Jenin including added bodies].

2) These images influence anyone’s mind (or heart), it is the most horrendous form of bias!
3) By showing these photos you guys are aiding Islamic Hamas (like Hezbollah), which is to bring about dead Arab kids to parade with them on world stage.

4) Moreover it is you who is (also) fueling Jihadism’s best tool of: “We Muslims are victims of the west”.

The “objectivity” of media stationed at dangerous undemocratic places like “Palestinian areas”

November 14, 2008
The “objectivity” of media stationed at dangerous undemocratic places like “Palestinian areas”

The problem of trust in journalism – journalists situated in dangerous zones, where they are dictated to ‘live’ (or die…) by and report by the dictatorships they are located at.

Watching CNN Correspondents [ Nov. 14, 2008], there was a report (regarding the Congo war / genocide) about journalists in Africa having to pay large sums to get access, explaining why certain journalists allied to be with bad guys.


(such as being associated with Nkunda the butcher (D.R. Congo: Arrest Laurent Nkunda For War Crimes – Portrait of a Laurent Nkunda, the happy killer from the Congo National
Post, Canada – Nov 6, 2008 You don’t often get good pictures of maniacal butchers any more, but here’s a great shot of General Laurent Nkunda, leader of the National Congress


The question is of course how can anyone take a ‘report” seriously when it’s done by those stationed in the terrorist no-law land like west bank & Gaza at ‘Palestine’ terrorizing authority, imagine if you could have obtained a recording where the PA authority (that has a bloody history of threatening journalists foreign or even ‘Palestinian’ ones) tells Ben Wederman of the CNN openly and bluntly: ‘You better report in the “strict” line of our propaganda only, or else you have no place here!’ alternatively, how can any logical person not prefer a report done by the Israeli democratic free press side?

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Business as usual at the BBC, Arabist BBC – Still enabling Arab racism’s massacres

September 23, 2008

Business as usual at the BBC, Arabist BBC – Still enabling Arab racism’s massacres

BBC News ‘headlines’ [ September 23, 2008 2:12 AM GMT Today at the brutal scene of the Arab driving of a vehicle into a crowd of Jews, The BBC correspondence has managed to come up with his own idea to justify ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC BIGOTRY’s yet another attack upon innocent Jews walking on the street of Jerusalem.

The ‘justification’ by the BBC reporter was “perhaps it shows of frustration about the peace process“. What an ugly enabling of Arab racism’s campaign of massacres is that? Since when do Arab terrorists care about ANY peace process? Why the constant cover of the real criminal in the middle east conflict, those that incite of pure blind bigoted hatred against people that happen to belong to a certain origin, and calling of being wiped off, and it’s not on the Israeli side, never was!
The BBC still claims to be only “reporting”.