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CNN’s Hala Gorani had a “fact finder” about HAMAS, the only thing that the biased and distortion shows again ans again, for eample the intentional omitting Hamas real facts, which is: ‘GENOCIDE charter’ that calls to kill every Jew in the area!

January 5, 2009



On Sat. night (Jan 4, 2009) CNN’s Hala Gorani had a “fact finder” about HAMAS, the only thing is that the biased and distortion shows again and again especially when it comes to facts.

For example, the intentional omitting Hamas real facts, which is: ‘GENOCIDE charter’ that calls to kill every Jew in the area!
Or that Hamas spokesman that spoke yesterday to CNN Osama Hamdan has actually supported Iranian Islamic leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call to ‘wipe off Israel off map!’

The reason why the GENOCIDE fact is omitted is clear, to legitimze Hamas as a “political movement”, Hala Gorani was also busy is desribing this fanatical Taliban like regime as a monevent with “simple” charities.


This is all to make the road ahead and pose “propsoals” for Israel to consider “treaty” with Hamas, as if the humane democratic free equal-rights state that warns in advance of which zones should be evacuated in order to minimize civilian casualties is he same par with the butchers who targets civilians and uses it’s own women and children to die for propaganda purposes, the Islamic gang that wants an all out Islamic Calipahte with ‘no Jew insight’ .

…persevere “until the last Jew is expelled” from “all of Palestine.” Hamas is utterly unimpressed by gestures of “goodwill”

The HAMAS charter prominently cites a hadith, or tradition, in which the Prophet says that will not take place until every last Jew has been destroyed.

Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon, told Iranian television that suicide bombing attacks against Israel were justified, especially attacks in buses. He rejected the historical Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and stated that Hamas’ avowed intention was to wipe Israel off the face of the map.
Now the notion of using of a nuclear device to eliminate Israel and thereby attempting to kill its roughly 5 million Jews is not a unique one, since words to that effect are regularly uttered, among others, by Iran’s raving president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who dreams of such apocalyptic final solutions. What is unique is the morally-defective logic that would enable someone to justify a second Holocaust, the mass murder of Jews, on the basis of Israel having defended itself from years of rocket attacks and having killed several hundred murderous terrorists in the process. Making the Middle East free of Jews, Judenfrein, is exactly what Hamas, the group of murderous thugs being cheered on by the demonstrators here, ardently longs for; Hamas’ charter, in fact, expresses as one of its core tenets that Israel should be eliminated, that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

Other protestors were less overt in their angry protestations, carrying signs and shouting out the oft-heard slogan, “Free Palestine,” or, as it is generally expressed when the odious messenger has sufficient time and space, “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea.” That phrase suggests the same situation that the nuclear option would help bring about, namely that if “Palestine” is “liberated,” is free, there will of course be no Israel between the Jordan River and Mediterranean, and no Jews.

Congratulations CNN’s Ben Wederman, you’re officially Genocidal Hamas’ “man”

January 4, 2009

Congratulations CNN’s Ben Wederman, you’re officially Genocidal Hamas’ “man”

On CNN Andersen Cooper ‘AC360’ ( ) (Jan 2, 2009), Ben Wedermnan was asked the real question of the day, “what about the fact that Hamas uses civilians areas to fire from there their missiles, aren’t they the real culprit in Arab civilian losses?” Ben Wederman: “Hamas is a political grass roots” Israel has to come to terms with that.

AC again then refocused the question, Ben Wederman; Hamas is “IN” the civilan population, it’s a political grass roots movement that is embedded within the Palestinians.

Amazing (unlike on Foxnews) no one seems to stress out at CNN what “political grassroots” Hamas is really all about. In any case, Jihadist Islamic Hamas, has a good spokesperson for their bloody action aided by hiding their real annihilation agenda.

Hamas in its own words – The Hamas charter calls for the extermination of Jews as well as the destruction of Israel as an Islamic necessity.

Well, I don’t know about CNN’s Wederman but… ‘If someone (like Al Qeada, Hezbolah, Hamas, Jemaa Islamyia, Lashkar Jihad, Taliban, etc.), tells you he is gonna kill you, you better believe him!’

The “objectivity” of media stationed at dangerous undemocratic places like “Palestinian areas”

November 14, 2008
The “objectivity” of media stationed at dangerous undemocratic places like “Palestinian areas”

The problem of trust in journalism – journalists situated in dangerous zones, where they are dictated to ‘live’ (or die…) by and report by the dictatorships they are located at.

Watching CNN Correspondents [ Nov. 14, 2008], there was a report (regarding the Congo war / genocide) about journalists in Africa having to pay large sums to get access, explaining why certain journalists allied to be with bad guys.


(such as being associated with Nkunda the butcher (D.R. Congo: Arrest Laurent Nkunda For War Crimes – Portrait of a Laurent Nkunda, the happy killer from the Congo National
Post, Canada – Nov 6, 2008 You don’t often get good pictures of maniacal butchers any more, but here’s a great shot of General Laurent Nkunda, leader of the National Congress


The question is of course how can anyone take a ‘report” seriously when it’s done by those stationed in the terrorist no-law land like west bank & Gaza at ‘Palestine’ terrorizing authority, imagine if you could have obtained a recording where the PA authority (that has a bloody history of threatening journalists foreign or even ‘Palestinian’ ones) tells Ben Wederman of the CNN openly and bluntly: ‘You better report in the “strict” line of our propaganda only, or else you have no place here!’ alternatively, how can any logical person not prefer a report done by the Israeli democratic free press side?

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