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What is bias in the middle east conflict? [March, 2009]

March 24, 2009


What is bias in the middle east conflict? [March, 2009]

Arabs’ racist killing (specifically) Jews *, is accepted “freedom fighting’.

Israelis worried of Arab terror *, branded as “racists”.


War crimes, crimes against humanity by Palestinian Arab leadership – regime in Gaza * * * of using Arab civilians, making sure their kids die, for the “greater good (Jihadi-fascism’s goodness) of making Israel look bad…” * * * * * * *, using hospitals *, schools, UN medical vehicles * *, even aid material sent by humanitarian Israel * for murder, targeting at Israeli civilians, – shoved aside, ignored *.

Israel’s humane army’s extreme measures not to hit civilians (including 250,000 warning phone calls  to Arab residents to evacuate a particular area designated to be included in an op., knowing full well terrorists can cease the opportunity and flea, as well as risking young soldiers’ lives in going door to door) * * * * aiming only at Hamas terrorists is denounced of “random shooting” and “war crimes”.


[Arab led pressure forcing Israel to conduct] Uprooting Jews from their homes and their ancestors’, AKA Transfer * * AKA Arab Palestinian Apartheid * is “good for peace”.

Transfer of Arabs (who don’t have more than 2 or 3 generations of history in Judea / Israel / Palestine * * * *) is “apartheid, fascist and racist” * (AKA Avigdor Lieberman).


While Hamas or even “Moderate” Fatah refuses to recognize Israel *, international aid is flowing their way.

UN is “busy” condemning Israel * * on whatever is being told (forced) by the global Arab Muslim oil lobby.

Business as usual at the BBC, Arabist BBC – Still enabling Arab racism’s massacres

September 23, 2008

Business as usual at the BBC, Arabist BBC – Still enabling Arab racism’s massacres

BBC News ‘headlines’ [ September 23, 2008 2:12 AM GMT Today at the brutal scene of the Arab driving of a vehicle into a crowd of Jews, The BBC correspondence has managed to come up with his own idea to justify ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC BIGOTRY’s yet another attack upon innocent Jews walking on the street of Jerusalem.

The ‘justification’ by the BBC reporter was “perhaps it shows of frustration about the peace process“. What an ugly enabling of Arab racism’s campaign of massacres is that? Since when do Arab terrorists care about ANY peace process? Why the constant cover of the real criminal in the middle east conflict, those that incite of pure blind bigoted hatred against people that happen to belong to a certain origin, and calling of being wiped off, and it’s not on the Israeli side, never was!
The BBC still claims to be only “reporting”.