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George Weiss – typical Jew, American Jew – kind, compassionate, a GIVER

April 2, 2010

George Weiss – typical Jew, American Jew – kind, compassionate, a GIVER

Sarah Palin Details ‘Heroism, Courage, A Warrior’s Spirit’ In Fox News Special The special begins with Palin speaking directly to the camera. “Heroism, courage, generosity, a warrior’s spirit – these are the things that unite all Americans,” she says. Then we’re off to meet George Weiss, who started the “Say Yes” program and is helping kids all over the country go to college. Weiss’ story, as the others, are voiced by Palin, so her role of narrator makes it seem like we get more Palin that we actually do. There are subtle political undertones to the Weiss report, and a few others – in a follow-up interview with the “Say Yes” program head of the Harlem chapter, Palin praises the work of “private sector contribution.”

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On the COver: The Say Yes program works with students ….. tation of american communities. pairs visited two or three towns in two-week periods, with a week ….. my hometown, this was my first visit to campus since I graduated in 1960. I was so …… Weiss, president of George Weiss Associates, a money …

The Tolls are active in Seeds of Peace, an organization dedicated to working for peace in the Middle East by selecting promising Jewish, Muslim and Christian students to attend a summer co-existence camp in the United States.
1. Joel Greenblatt
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He also sits on the board of the Institute for Student Achievement and the Davidson School of the Jewish Theological Seminary.