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Zionist Humane Israel offers Humanitarian aid to Turkey

October 24, 2011

Israel offers aid to Turkey following quake

IDF standing by to send assistance after 7.2-quake hits Turkey’s southeast; Turkish President Abdullah Gul tells Peres he hopes local rescue forces can handle situation
Ynet reporters Latest Update: 10.23.11, 20:06 / Israel News

Israel is preparing to send aid to Turkey in the wake of a powerful earthquake that hit the east of the country. The Foreign Ministry said that the scope of the assistance depends on Ankara’s willingness to accept it.

According to reports, up to 1,000 could be dead due to the 7.2-magnitue quake that struck the Van province Sunday. Turkey’s deputy prime minister said that around 45 buildings have collapsed in the town of Ercis and the city of Van. Ercis sits on a geological fault line.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has asked the head of the Political-Military Affairs Division at the ministry, Amos Gilad, to offer Turkey “all the help that it needs.”,7340,L-4137880,00.html

Israel prepares earthquake aid for Turkey JTA – Jewish & Israel News
[Oct. 23, 2011] – Israel has offered to send aid to Turkey following a strong earthquake that has collapsed buildings and reportedly left hundreds dead.

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Sudanese woman: (racist) Arabs murder, Israel defends

June 30, 2008

Sudanese woman: (racist) Arabs murder, Israel defends

VIDEO – The moderate voice of Islam has been heard once again on Arab media, and it appears Israelis can add some of Sudan’s population to the list of its new friends.
…Taraji Mustafa, Sudanese human rights activist living in Canada, sparks row in Arab world when she announces establishment of Israeli-Sudanese fellowship association. ‘All the stereotypes I heard about Jews and Israelis were wrong,’ she says in interview with al-Arabiya network, where she was invited to ‘defend’ her stance,7340,L-3337609,00.html