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Obama: Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel

June 5, 2008

Obama: Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel …
“Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel,” Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said in his first speech to a major organization …

On Obama’s ‘supporting Israel’

June 4, 2008

On Obama’s ‘supporting Israel’

Here’s the “thing”, when John McCain spoke, he spoke full volume, to the point and full of substance, when Obama speaks (including on the middle east), it’s all AIR, or (shall I use — at this juncture — Hillary’s phrase, he’s all ‘ZEROX’).

One would have to wait for any beginning of truth in these “pledges”… until Obama starts realizing that there’s nothing to “talk” about with an Islamic Hitler that wants US/Israel to disappear because they interfere with his Islamofascistic-Messianic ambition and his aim to control the world via oil, nukes and terror.

Only when Obama will start addressing the real dangers we face, ISLAMIC TERRORISM. whether [the victim] one is Christian, Jewish, any non Muslim “infidel”, or being ‘not Muslim enough’… anywhere on the globe.

Defining that Israel’s war of survival is against Arab racism [of which other non-Arabs are also suffering around the globe, such as Kurds, Africans, Berbers, etc.] and the Islamic intolerance [that wages it’s war of “conquest” mainly on Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.] that can’t even “give” right to the non-Muslims Jews to live… unless subjucated under Islamic rule and calling ‘Islamic-Hamas-Palestine’ exactly what it’s all about, ‘GENOCIDE’ of Jews..

Seeing clearly the Islamic fascism that seeks to establish an all encompassing repressive OPPRESSIVE totalitarian tyranny ‘Caliphate’ from Beirut to Kuala Lumpur.

And these milestones are no way to be seen in the future in liberals like Obama, I think GOP has to exploit this weakness of appeasing the Islamic militant enemy [of the world], full force.


AP Video: Clinton Defends Obama’s Support of Israel [Israel’s survival against Arab racism & Islamofascism’s genocide, terrorism & tyranny]

2 Mar 2008 … Obama: I’m a ‘stalwart friend’ of Israel, its security is ‘sacrosanct’

BBC NEWS World Americas Obama pledges support for IsraelBarack Obama gives strong backing to Israel in first foreign policy speech since declaring victory in Democratic campaign.