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September 2, 2011



The so-called “Palestinians” are mostly (children or grandchildren of) Arab immigration into Israel/Palestine (historic land of the Jews). Mainly, between the 1800s-1939.[1]


Arab Muslim “Palestinians” (as polls show)[2] & Hezbollah[3], like the Arab leaders [4] in the 1948 [5] and 1967 [6] wars, seek its total destruction and advocate the genocide of Jews. (Those that cover for Arabists/Islamists genocidal campaign, somehow often phrase their argument using the “peace” slogan, for some reason).

When not able (yet) to carry out their ultimate goal. Ethnic cleansing (worse than mere apartheid) is “at least” what they demand in a so-called “Palestine State” vision. As in: June 1, 1967 by Ahmad Shukairy [7]; in Cairo on July 28, 2010 [8] & in Doha on May 28 2011 [9] by Mahmoud Abbas and in Washington D.C. on Sep. 13, 2011 by PLO’s ambassador Maen Areikat.[10] Not to mention Jordan [11] / Palestinian Authority’s official apartheid [12] laws prohibiting sellling land to Jews – punishable by death).


Simply said. Israel has absolutely nothing against non-Terrorist, non-attackers Arabs/Muslims. In fact, Arabs, Muslims are (not only equal[13] and have reached high positions in Israeli society, but) even often treated with preferential treatment[14] in Israel system.


Any time you hear about “Palestinian civilians” being hurt. Remember who is behind it, who -so cruelly- uses them to tarnish Israel’s image.[15] (Besides, simply manipulating numbers.[16] The same goes to Hezbollah,[17] Taliban or al-Qaeda’s tactics against the West).


The one that hesitates and is in conflict of acting when seeing human shields is the underdog, small “David” against the “Goliath”[18] that exploits Israel’s humane character to hit at its non-combatants civilians from among / or behind its own non-combatants. (Unfortunately the skewed image of who is the real powerful, causes confusion and anti-Israel bias, so rampant in the media).


Every goodwill sacrifice by Israel, including land-giving (to the ‘Palestinians” who never actually “owned” or had any sovereignty in the area. So much for the “occupation” myth). Were/are interpreted as “weakness.”(The Gaza example is typical. Where Israel gave it away to the Arabs in 2005.[19] The ‘response’ was increased violence, rise of Islamic-terrorist Hamas’ popularity in Gaza’s mainstream[20]).


Arab-Islamic racist and jihad campaign against Jews in the area dates back at least to the 1920s. Led by the Arab-Islamic anti-Jewish arch-bigot the Mufti, al-Husseini.[21] Such as the 1929 brutal massacre[22] (of non-Zionist Jews[23]), mass rape, mutilation of babies, and castration of old people[24] in Hebron. He who later on made a pact with A. Hitler[25] (despite Nazis’ utter contempt for the Arab “race”[26]) and led the Muslim SS divisions to commit crimes against humanity upon Christians and Jews in the Baltic.[27] He intervened in rescuing Jewish children from E. Europe – thereby causing their mass deaths.[28] He was also behind the incitement of the 1941 Farhud pogrom in Iraq.[29] The Mufti called for a Jihad against: Britain, United States, the West and the Jews.[30] His ally, Jamal Husseini very active in Arab leadership and in the Arab Nazi cooperation, founded a Hitler-Youth type of young Arabs (Arab Nazi Party).[31]

The ‘founding’ of the conflict that early on, tells also about the true motivation of it all: bigotry.[32]


The demonization of Israel in international arena, began in the early 1960s[33] by the aide and henchman[34] of the Nazi Mufti, Ahmad Shukairy, who, in 1962 praised[35] and identified himself with Nazi groups[36] and in June 1967 called for a “holy war” jihad[37] against Israel and to “Throw the Jews into the sea.” He was the first PLO chairman. Worth mentioning, while in 1957 he recognized that “Palestine” is but a part of Southern Syria,[38] he changed 360 degrees in 1963 to go along the invention of a separate ‘Palestinian entity.’[39] Yet, still, PLO’s original document shows the “fight” -1964- was for the sake of pan-Arabism.[40]

He was also -in 1961- the first to come up[41] with that bigoted “apartheid slur.”[42] A tactic with 3 goals in mind: 1. Diversion from rampant Arab Islamic apartheid and racism on all minorities,[43] (including Islamic “Palestinian” anti-Christian persecution and Arab nations’ anti-Arab-Palestinian policies ever since they have been told by their leaders to evacuate the area in 1948. And the Arab racist expulsion of nearly a Million Jewish refugees in the 1940s-1950s), oppression and crimes against its own people, 2. Hatred of the non-Arab, non-Muslim group, the Jews. 3. Rationalization of the genocide campaign).


You can never trust what comes out from an Arab “Palestinian” (or Hezbollah) source. After so many years and experiences of intentional lies, disinformation and even falsified images (including ‘Muhammad al-Dura,’ Jenin, Gaza beach family, etc.).[44]


Not only did Jews reside (in the area) centuries before the Arab invasion, but Jews never ceased completely from having a presence in Israel – Palestine.[45]

















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