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So many benevolent Jews lose so much money to one twisted [Madoff] guy and anti

December 26, 2008


So many benevolent Jews lose so much money to one twisted [Madoff] guy and anti
Jewish bigots applause.

Worth mentioning –at this juncture– the unknown fact that ‘most donations
by Jews go to non-Jewish causes.’

Then again, what is classic garbage of anti-Semitism if not picking one
‘bad’ Jew and omitting all ‘good’ Jews?

The very first self proclaimed “writer” to dance the evil dance was no
other than the already infamous Nazi: HERR Jöran Jerma, that has adapted
(among a list of names like ‘Adam Ermash’, also a) “Hebrew” name: Israel


This awful human being couldn’t wait and not cede the opportunity and
provide “antisemitic wisdom for the perplexed”…, it’s worth mentioning 
that for years, this “aryan-writer” has been posing as a “pro-palestinian
advocate”, decrying how “poor palestinians suffer”, imagine such a
white-supremacist telling us how he “aches” for brown Arabs, actually, this
tactic of damning the Jews (who are trying to survive against terrorism and
genocide) with a mask of caring for palestinians have been used by KKK’s D. Duke


Websites carrying his “work” are:  (KKK’s) David Duke, Rense, some
other “white power” or “white powder” pages.


Because they are jealous of Jews’ special morals and kindness…

Only one-tenth of Jewish philanthropists limit their giving to Jewish
charities alone, while one-fourth give only to non-Jewish causes.
. – Why Aren’t Jews Giving to Jews? Jewish philanthropic donations to the secular community are outweighing those going to the Jewish community. Poll: Richest U.S. Jews give mostly to non-Jewish causes